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Our Goals and Commitments

The Modern and Contemporary Art department strives to be a space where the rich and complex narratives of art can be presented in a manner that reflects the diversity of experiences and perspectives that inform their creation. This crucial work relies on a shared commitment to best practices, and the following principles that guide us:

  • We believe that sustaining a work environment that is fair and equitable, supportive and flexible, and that fosters mutual respect is vital for creating a safe space for a range of expertise to thrive.
  • We recognize that we have a critical responsibility towards shaping the field of art history. This endeavor requires honesty, truth and transparency in our work in order to acknowledge imperfect institutional histories, rigorously challenge orthodoxies, proactively elevate underrepresented narratives, and foster new areas of knowledge.
  • We endeavor to broaden the scope of our engagement with colleagues and our various communities, both local and global, through partnerships, collaborations, and dialogues in a manner that centers reciprocity while being expansive, inclusive, and intersectional. 
  • We aim to learn and grow by being receptive to artists and their practices, and to different communities and their priorities, as well as to reflect and share the knowledge we gain in the work we do.
  • We seek to contribute meaningfully to our shared cultural environment by being responsible stewards of the art in our care and being ethical and creative in our practice in order to model the museum in which we want to work and the world in which we want to live.

The principles outlined above were first arrived upon following departmental staff discussions over 2020-21 and will be updated/revised as the department evolves.