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Photographed up-close, from three-quarter view, a piece of silver scientific equipment shines a precise bulls-eye light on a painting of blue irises.

Scientific Research

The Department of Scientific Research comprises a team of scientists specialized in the study of works of art. Scientists collaborate with curators and conservators throughout the Museum to investigate the material aspects of works of art in The Met collection, and work with designers, registrars, collection managers, and other behind-the-scenes staff to guarantee the long-term safety of the collection. The Department also pursues innovative research in analytic techniques, preventive conservation, and treatment methodologies.

In addition to their collaborative work at the Museum, department staff have created a series of partnerships with academic researchers, including scientists at City College, University of Delaware, NYU, The University of Bordeaux, and Columbia, and scientists and conservators from other leading museums' research facilities.

With a staff of fifteen and laboratories equipped for electron microscopy, Raman and infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and imaging x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, among other techniques, the Department of Scientific Research is one of the most advanced facilities in the world for cultural heritage science.

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Scientific Research Fellowships
If you’d like to become part of our community, join The Met’s Fellowship Program in Scientific Research and Conservation. We accept applications from recent master’s graduates, PhD candidates, postdoctoral scholars, and senior scientists and researchers. To learn more about the department’s primary areas of research interest, visit our Fellows pageRead more about The Met’s Fellowship Program or email

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Open Positions
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Research Highlights

The Inside (and Outside) Scoop

Learn about the intensive analysis undertaken by The Met’s Department of Scientific Research to determine what foods were stored in nineteenth-century stoneware jars produced by enslaved artisans from Old Edgefield, South Carolina.

The Chemistry Behind the Oddy Test

Developing new approaches in assessing the use of conservation materials for displaying, transporting, or storing art.

Ancient Greek Sculpture in Color

A collaboration reveals new research on an archaic Greek sphinx finial at The Met.

Refashioning the Lavoisiers

A team of experts from across The Met gains new understanding of Jacques Louis David's iconic portrait.

Our Work

Research Projects

Explore the department's research activities through featured project abstracts.

Collaborations and Research Groups

Learn about our partnerships with colleagues and cultural heritage institutions both at home and abroad on conservation and historic preservation projects as well as our open-access research resources.

Network Initiative for Conservation Science

Learn how NICS advances research and scholarship in art history, archaeology, conservation, and science by sharing The Met's cutting-edge scientific research facilities and analytical instrumentation, expertise, and resources.

Events and Symposia

From symposia, to lectures, and workshops, find out about the department’s involvement in a variety of scholarly and educational programs.

Who We Are

Meet the Staff

Get to know the people who care for the art.

Meet the Fellows

Learn about suggested fellowship project topics, current and past fellows, and their research.

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Blog Articles

Read essays published by the Department of Scientific Research.


Watch videos about Conservation and Scientific Research—behind-the-scenes work, interviews, lectures, and more.

Met Publications

Discover The Met's publications on Scientific Research, many available for download and/or purchase.

Department Bibliography

Browse an abridged bibliography of our staff's work.

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