Terracotta column-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water), Attributed to Myson, Terracotta, Greek, Attic

Terracotta column-krater (bowl for mixing wine and water)

Attributed to Myson
ca. 480 B.C.
Greek, Attic
Terracotta; red-figure
H. 15 1/8 in. (38.4 cm)
diameter of mouth 12 1/16 in. (30.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1921
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 157
Obverse, youth with amphora (jar) and kylix (drinking cup)
Reverse, youth with skyphos (deep drinking cup) and fillet (band)

The artistic personality of Myson is particularly apparent in the decoration of the vase. He refers to the past in the black-figure ornament on the obverse of the neck and in the slow motion of his figures. Modern and strikingly effective is his deployment of the revelers against the black-glaze background; their poses and the articulation of the forms appear to fullest advantage.
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