Glass bottle in the form of Tyche (Good Fortune), Glass, Roman

Glass bottle in the form of Tyche (Good Fortune)

2nd–3rd century A.D.
Glass; blown in a two-part mold
H.: 6 1/8 in. (15.5 cm)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1944
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On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 164
Translucent purple.
Everted, uneven rim, rounded in the flame; cylindrical neck, tapering slightly downwards; elongated body; pushed-in bottom with circle in low relief. One continuous mold seam, slightly misaligned, running from rim around body and across bottom.
Body shaped by mold into the form of a female figure with hair drawn back into bun, draped, arms folded, seated cross-legged on polygonal plinth or chair, proper right foot resting on stylized head; on proper left side of plinth in relief, standing winged Eros with right arm raised, carrying wand or torch; on proper left side of plinth, indistinct bow and arrow.
Broken and repaired across shoulders and neck, with area of fill on proper left shoulder; pitting, dulling, and brilliant iridescent weathering.

This bottle is loosely modeled on a famous monumental statue of Tyche (Good Fortune), made for the city of Antioch by Eutychides of Sikyon in about 296 B.C. The river-god Orontes, who appears below Tyche's feet, has here become very stylized, and her mural crown has been turned into the bottle's neck. A small figure of Eros has also been added to the side of the goddess's chair. Bottles of this shape must have been made as souvenirs, and their contents may have been used in making offerings at public or private shrines.
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