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The Meeting of Alexander the Great and Diogenes

Gaspar de Crayer (Flemish, 1584–1669)
Oil on canvas
88 3/4 x 127 5/8 in. (225.4 x 324.2 cm), including added strips of 13 1/2 in. (34.3 cm) at left and 15 1/2 in. (39.4 cm) at right
Credit Line:
Purchase, 1871
Accession Number:
Not on view
?prince Philippe François de Rubempré, Brussels (until 1766; sale, Brussels, April 11, 1765, no. 130, and—evidently the same picture—August 8, 1766, no. 36); ?duc d'Arenberg (until 1847; his sale, Brussels, October 4, 1847, no. 34); ?[Étienne Le Roy, Brussels, from 1847]; comte Cornet de Ways Ruart, Brussels (until d. 1870); William T. Blodgett, Paris (from 1870; sold half share to Johnston); William T. Blodgett, Paris, and John Taylor Johnston, New York (1870–71; sold to MMA)
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Six pieces of canvas, including a 13 1/2 inch strip across the top, have been joined to make the support.
An earlier treatment of the subject by de Crayer is in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne. Hans Vlieghe (1972) dates the Museum's canvas to the last twenty years of de Crayer's life, and describes it as an updated version of the Cologne picture, similar in size and format, its composition in reverse. A painting of the same subject that seems correctly ascribed to Cornelis de Vos also may be related to both works by de Crayer, but exactly how is not clear. The Museum's painting can, with some certainty, be dated later than the painting by de Vos, who died in 1651. The composition is less like that of the de Vos than is the Cologne canvas. There may be other versions by either artist or by another painter that might clarify this interrelationship.
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