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Pomegranates and Other Fruit in a Landscape

Abraham Brueghel (Flemish, 1631–1697)
Oil on canvas
24 3/8 x 29 1/8 in. (61.9 x 74 cm)
Credit Line:
Purchase, 1871
Accession Number:
Not on view
Our knowledge of Italian still life painting is still in its infancy. This striking still life has been ascribed, surprisingly to Velázquez, Giuseppe Ruoppoli (a leading exponent of Neopolitan still life painting), and Giovanni Paolo Spadino. It is currently attributed to the Fleming Abraham Brueghel, who worked in Rome and Naples.
[Léon Gauchez, Paris, until 1870, as by Velázquez; sold to Blodgett]; William T. Blodgett, Paris and New York (1870–71; sold half share to Johnston); William T. Blodgett, New York, and John Taylor Johnston, New York (1871; sold to MMA)
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F[ritz von]. Harck. "Berichte und Mittheilungen aus Sammlungen und Museen, über staatliche Kunstpflege und Restaurationen, neue Funde: Aus amerikanischen Galerien." Repertorium für Kunstwissenschaft 11 (1888), p. 73, as by Velázquez, citing Ref. Curtis 1883.

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Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler. Ed. Hans Vollmer. Vol. 29, Leipzig, 1935, p. 212, attributes it to Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo, calling Burroughs' [see Ref. 1931] attribution to Giuseppe Ruoppolo erroneous.

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Creighton Gilbert. Letter to Theodore Rousseau. December 14, 1960, writes that he has been in touch with Raffaello Causa, who attributes it "to someone very close to Spadino".

Giuseppe De Logu. Natura morta italiana. Bergamo, 1962, p. 191, attributes it to the Roman circle of Porpora, along with still lifes in Rome, Boston, and Detroit.

Raffaello Causa in La natura morta italiana. Exh. cat., Palazzo Reale, Naples. Milan, 1964, p. 68, under nos. 133 and 134, attributes it to Michelangelo da Campidoglio (Michelangelo Pace, 1610–1670), dating it to the 1640s, the same time as a still life with fruit in the Bosco collection, Rome.

Federico Zeri. Unpublished catalogue entry. [ca. 1970–72], attributes it to Giovanni Paolo Spadino and dates it to about the same time as paintings by him in the Raccamadoro-Ramelli collection, Porto San Giorgio, one of which is dated 1701.

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Ludovica Trezzani in La natura morta in Italia. Ed. Francesco Porzio and Federico Zeri. Milan, 1989, vol. 2, p. 784, fig. 921, attributes it to the Maestro del Metropolitan, active during the 1660s and 1670s; notes similarities to Abraham Brueghel and relates it to paintings in the museums in Hamburg and Berlin, in a private collection (two unpublished still lifes), and in the Lodi collection, Campione d'Italia.

Xander van Eck. "On 17th century Roman Still Life Painting: Michelangelo da Campidoglio, Abraham Brueghel and the Master of the Metropolitan Museum." Paragone, n.s., 40 (March 1989), pp. 83–84, pl. 69, does not "see any objection to attributing the entire Master of the Metropolitan group to Michelangelo da Campidoglio".

Gianluca Bocchi and Ulisse Bocchi. Natura picta. Exh. cat., Galleria d'Orlane, Milan. Vignola, 1991, pp. 44, 46, attribute it to the Maestro del Metropolitan, an exuberant artist influenced by Brueghel and Campidoglio; state that a picture recently with the Galerie Pardo, Paris, is an exact replica of the MMA painting and that it has been assigned to Brueghel by Franco Moro.

Gianluca Bocchi and Ulisse Bocchi. Naturalia: Nature morte in collezioni pubbliche e private. Casalmaggiore, 1992, pp. 218, 222, fig. 102, do not believe that Campidoglio and the Maestro del Metropolitan are the same artist; discuss similarities to Brueghel; mention the replica of the MMA painting formerly at the Galerie Pardo.

Hans Vlieghe. Letter to Walter Liedtke. March 23, 1993, writes that "the style of the painting looks quite close to what in my opinion is Brueghel's manner".

Old Master Pictures. Christie's, London. July 9, 2003, p. 158, under no. 85, mentions it in connection with a still life from a private collection, Switzerland, attributed to the Metropolitan Master.

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A replica (57.5 x 77.5 cm) of this picture was exhibited at the Galerie Pardo, Paris, in 1989, as by Abraham Brueghel (see F. Moro, Thèmes de l'âge classique, exh. cat., Paris, 1989, pp. 63–65, ill.; see also Ref. Bocchi and Bocchi 1992, fig. 100). Another replica (59 x 72 cm) was sold at Sotheby's, London, July 5, 1995, no. 61, as by the Maestro del Metropolitan.
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