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A Musical Party

Gabriël Metsu (Dutch, Leiden 1629–1667 Amsterdam)
Oil on canvas
24 1/2 x 21 3/8 in. (62.2 x 54.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Marquand Collection, Gift of Henry G. Marquand, 1890
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 633
Metsu began his career as a Leiden fijnschilder (fine-painter) in the manner of Gerrit Dou. By 1657 he had moved to Amsterdam where his technique gained a graceful fluidity, as is evident here. A woman and her male visitors (to judge from their coats, the walking stick, and the sword) entertain themselves with music as a maid brings refreshments. The bound atlas figure in the background suggests enslavement to sensual delights, which would have amused more than enlightened the contemporary viewer.
Metsu painted this canvas in 1659, when he was living in Amsterdam. The date on the sheet music to the lower left was questioned by Gudlaugsson (1968), who detected a difference in color between the signature and the date, claimed that the costumes and manner of execution supported a slightly earlier date, and suggested that the painting was finished or inscribed by the artist a couple of years after it was begun. In fact, the inscription was simply reinforced in a slightly different color at a later time.

The subject of elegant musical gatherings—often including a lute, a viola da gamba, and songbooks, as seen here—flourished during the 1650s. Singing and playing stringed instruments was a form of socializing among members of polite society, and new songs, many of them amorous, were eagerly circulated among amateurs. That the senses or heartstrings might turn into fetters is hinted at by the atlantes figure in the fireplace of the second room.

[2010; adapted from Liedtke 2007]
Inscription: Signed, dated, and inscribed: (lower left, on paper) GMetsu [initials in monogram] / 1659; (on dowel at top of map) NOVISS[I]MA HOL[LANDIA . . .] (newest [map of the provinces of] Hol[land and West Friedland]) [The map, by Balthasar Florisz, van Berckenrode, was first published by Willem Jansz. Blaeu in 1620, and this is one of the two later editions, revised and reissued by Claes Jansz. Visscher in 1651 and 1656.]
?marquis de Voyer, Paris (in 1754); Elizabeth Valckenier-Hooft, Amsterdam (until 1796; her sale, Amsterdam, August 31, 1796, no. 25, for fl. 1,005 to Fouquet); Coquilery (sold for Fr 7,200 to Dulac); [Dulac; sold for Fr 10,000 to Robit]; Robit, Paris (until 1801; his sale, Paillet and Delaroche, Paris, May 11, 1801, no. 69, for Fr 4,500 to Delaroche); [Hypolite Delaroche and Alexandre Paillet, Paris, 1801–at least 1803; their sale, Delaroche and Paillet, Paris, April 18–25, 1803, no. 368, as "Un sujet de Concert," bought in]; sale [not held], Paris, June 26ff., [1809?], no. 29; sale, Paillet, Paris, March 14, 1810, no. 8; [John Smith, London, until 1825; sold for 400 gns. (£420) to Zachary]; M. M. Zachary, London (1825–at least 1828; his sale, Phillips, London, May 31, 1828, no. 45, as "The Interior of an Apartment, with the Portraits of the Artist and his Wife, and Jan Stein [sic]," for 500 gns. [£525] to Norton, bought in); Frederick Perkins, Chipstead Place, Seven Oaks, Kent (by 1832–90; his estate sale [not held], Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, June 3, 1889, no. 9; his estate sale, Christie's, London, June 14, 1890, no. 9, for £609 to Colnaghi); [Martin Colnaghi, London, 1890; sold to Marquand on October 20]; Henry G. Marquand, New York (1890)
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