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Jean Monet (1867–1913) on His Hobby Horse

Claude Monet (French, Paris 1840–1926 Giverny)
Oil on canvas
23 7/8 x 29 1/4 in. (60.6 x 74.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Sara Lee Corporation, 2000
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 964

Monet painted this picture of his elder son, Jean, in the summer of 1872, not long after the artist and his family returned to France from self-imposed exile during the Franco-Prussian War. Thanks to the efforts of the dealer Paul Durand-Ruel, the painter’s finances had begun to improve, enabling the once-impoverished Monets to rent a house in Argenteuil, an agreeable suburb northwest of Paris. For this portrait, Monet posed the five-year-old Jean in the garden of their new home. Monet never exhibited the painting but kept it throughout his life.
Inscription: Signed and dated (lower right): Claude Monet. / 1872.
the artist, Argenteuil (1872–d. 1926); his daughter-in-law, Blanche Hoschedé-Monet (Mme Jean Monet), Giverny (1926–at least 1935); [Georges Bernheim, Paris, until 1938; sold on April 29 to Wildenstein]; [Wildenstein, London and New York, 1938–43; stock no. 10326; sold to Rogers]; Mrs. Huttleston Rogers, New York (1943–at least 1948); Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cummings, Chicago and New York (by 1952–at least 1982); [Colnaghi, New York, 1983]; private collection/foundation [?George Farkas/Koch Foundation], United States (by 1986–94); [William Beadleston, New York, 1994; sold to Sara Lee]; Sara Lee Corporation, Chicago (1994–2000)
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Monet painted this picture of his eldest son in the summer of 1872 in the garden of his house at Argenteuil. This portrait of Jean on his hobby horse had been likened to the equestrian portraits of Titian and Velázquez; Tucker (1982) has suggested that in doing this Monet was using aristocratic forms to confirm his newly attained success. Brettell (2000) has placed this picture within the context of Monet's other paintings of Jean and suggests that in this work Monet chronicles the growth of his child and demonstrates his paternal love.

This work remained with Monet until his death when it passed to the widow of Jean.
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