Fragments (from the Nine Heroes Tapestries)

Date: ca. 1400–1410

Culture: South Netherlandish

Medium: Wool warp, wool wefts

Dimensions: Overall: 56 x 110 1/2in. (142.2 x 280.7cm)

Classification: Textiles-Tapestries

Credit Line: Gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr., 1947

Accession Number: 47.101.5a–c

Not on view
Joel Joseph Duveen ; Baron Arthur Schickler 1828–1919, château Martinvast, Normandy (from about 1872) ; Count and Countess Hubert de Pourtalès, château de Martinvast, Normandy (sold 1936, through Guiraud) ; [ Brummer Gallery, Paris and New York (1936-1947) ]
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