Tanbūr Panj Simi,


The invention of this five-string tanbūr allowed Elahi to synthesize the instrument’s sacred repertoire with that of classical Persian music. It has a slightly larger body and neck. The first two rows of strings reproduce the configuration of the tanbūr, while the other two strings—one in unison with the high pitch, the other with the low octave—are like that of the setār.

On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 681

Public Domain

Object Details

Maker: Khodaverdi (Iranian)

Date: 1940

Geography: Teheran, Iran

Culture: Iranian

Medium: Mulberry, walnut, wire,cord

Dimensions: W. 7 1/16 ×D. 6 9/16 × L. 36 7/16 in. (18 × 16.7 × 92.5 cm)

Classification: Chordophone-Lute-plucked-fretted

Credit Line: Private collection

Accession Number: L.2017.52.2a