Events/ MetFest Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

MetFest Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a tour?

You must register online. Capacity is limited, so please register only if you will make it. Each tour participant will be notified with an email containing further instructions, including terms and conditions.

How much does each tour cost?

Each tour is $25 per participant and includes general admission to the Museum. You will receive an admission sticker when you check in for your tour.

Are there discounts for Members?

We do not offer discounted tour prices for Members, with the hope of keeping these experiences open and available to all visitors.

When is my tour?

All tours are on Saturday, October 2, 2021. See times and descriptions here.

Where do I go for my tour?

Tours meet and begin in the Great Hall. Check in directly to the left of the general ticketing area at the Behind-the-Scenes Tours table!

Can I go on more than one tour?

In order to offer these tours to as many people as possible, we ask that you only sign up for one.

Are these tours accessible?

Some tours are accessible. See descriptions here. If you have further questions about accessibility, please email

Where can I check my coat and bags?

The Museum is not offering coat or bag check at this time, and coats and bags are not allowed on these tours because of the small spaces they visit. Please travel light and leave your bags and unnecessary items at home.

What are the activity levels?

These tours are highly variable, and we want you to know what to expect so you can register for the right tour for you.

  • Low: Expect to be in one place for most of the time. You will walk to the tour location and stand for most of the tour, but we can provide a seat if you need it.
  • Medium: Expect to move around a little bit. You’ll go to several locations, and you probably won’t get the chance to sit down.
  • High: Expect to move around quite a bit. With your tour guide, you’ll be negotiating stairways and some smaller spaces, so please be sure to wear comfortable clothes you can move around in and comfortable, close-toed shoes.

Do I have to be vaccinated?

Yes. In accordance with New York City mandate, the Museum requires all visitors age 12 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  Read our Visitor Guidelines here.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. To ensure safety of staff and visitors, masks are required on all tours and throughout the Museum. Read our Visitor Guidelines here.

Why are there so many rules for the tours?

These tours visit some exceptional spaces in the Museum, including spaces that hold sensitive artworks. Our staff members who work in these spaces always follow these rules, and we request that you do too.

Still have questions? Feel free to email, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.