Portrait of a Man, Possibly Nicolaes Pietersz Duyst van Voorhout (born about 1600, died 1650)

Frans Hals (Dutch, Antwerp 1582/83–1666 Haarlem)
ca. 1636–38
Oil on canvas
31 3/4 x 26 in. (80.6 x 66 cm)
Credit Line:
The Jules Bache Collection, 1949
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 637
This brilliantly painted portrait can be dated on the basis of the stylish costume. Duyst van Voorhout was a Haarlem brewer, one of the most lucrative professions of the period. He had forty-seven pictures at the time of his death, but none of the portraits—as was common in estate inventories—is assigned an artist's name.
This brilliantly painted portrait must date from about 1636–38, to judge from the style of the costume, in particular the very broad lace collar that extends over the shoulders.

Until 1927, there was a wood panel (now lost) attached to the back of the canvas. It is uncertain when this was added, though it probably occurred decades after the painting was made, when the canvas needed additional support. The panel bore an inscription, transcribed in 1920 by Baker as "Claas Duyst van Voorhout brouwer in des Brouwerij het Zwaanschel?" (Claas Duyst van Voorhout brewer in the brewery Het Zwaanschel?). The 1856 catalogue of the Petworth collection misquotes the same inscription. It is impossible to know whether the inscription refers to this portrait, or whether it was already on the panel when it was attached to the canvas.

A Nicolaes (Claes) Pietersz Duyst van Voorhout owned a Haarlem brewery called Het Swaenshals (The Swan's Neck) in 1629, when he gave his age as twenty-nine. He was the son of the brewer Pieter Claesz Duyst van Voorhout (ca. 1569–1624) and his wife, Maria (or Maritge) Quirijnsdr Aecker (d. 1646). The subject here could certainly be a man in his mid- to late thirties. An inventory of Nicolaes Duyst (or Duijst) van Voorhout's estate, dated November 7, 1650, indicates that he was an enthusiastic collector of paintings, and owned one or two portraits of himself. Hals's name is not mentioned in the inventory, but none of the nine portraits in the inventory is attributed.

[2011; adapted from Liedtke 2007]
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Dutch, about 1640, polished fruitwood scotia frame with an inner flat section, on a half-lapped, pine-back frame.

Put on painting in 2013.

Funds for this frame were provided by Elizabeth Gordon.