Exhibitions/ Art Object

Still Life: "2ᵉ étude"

Georges Braque (French, Argenteuil 1882–1963 Paris)
Paris, early 1914
Oil, charcoal, and sand on unprimed canvas
28 7/8 x 21 1/4 in. (73.3 x 54 cm)
Credit Line:
Promised Gift from the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection
Rights and Reproduction:
© 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Not on view
Although the word “CAFÉ” appears at right, this arrangement, like so many others by Braque and Picasso, was painted in the artist’s studio. At left, an area of faux marbre (imitation marble) indicates the material of the tabletop on which the items are arranged. A folded newspaper, “[Le Qu]otidi[en du] MIDI,” is tucked between a mandolin at left and a bottle, white clay pipe, and stemmed glass at right. Additional musical references can be found at lower right with the words “solo violin” and “2eme étude” (Second Study).
Inscription: Signed (verso, upper right): G Braque [now concealed by relining]
[Galerie Kahnweiler, Paris, early 1914; inv. no. 9[3?]4, photo no. 1202); sold in 1914 to Rosenberg]; [Léonce Rosenberg, Paris, 1914–18]; [Galerie L’Effort Moderne, from 1918; inv. no. 5284, photo no. 151]; Earl Horter, Philadelphia (by 1929/30–1937; in 1937 to Lloyd Horter); his former wife, Helen Lloyd Horter (née Helen Sharpless Lloyd, later Helen Kelly), Harvey Cedars, New Jersey (1937–58; sold in 1958 to Kulicke and Keyser); Robert M. Kulicke, New York, and Robert Keyser, Philadelphia (1958; sold in 1958 to Robert Elkon Gallery); [Robert Elkon Gallery, New York, 1958–59; sold on January 20, 1959 for $75,000 to Rockefeller]; Nelson A. Rockefeller, New York (1959–75; sold in December 1975 to Diamond); Harold Diamond, New York (1975–82; sold in March 1982 to Coumantaros); George S. Coumantaros, Athens (1982–86; sold in July 1986 to Lauder); Leonard A. Lauder, New York (from 1986)

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