Exhibitions/ Art Object

Bottle of Rum

Georges Braque (French, Argenteuil 1882–1963 Paris)
Paris, spring 1914
Oil on canvas
18 1/8 × 21 5/8 in. (46 × 54.9 cm)
Credit Line:
Promised Gift from the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection
Rights and Reproduction:
© 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Not on view
The invention of Cubist papier collé in 1912 inspired a new approach to handling the flat space of a painting. Indeed, the dozens of pinholes in this canvas are an indication that Braque used paper templates as he worked. By varying the density, size, and color of the dots on the final painted forms, Braque was able to create the impression of layered pieces of paper. The only real piece of paper on this canvas is a small lot number, “19,” at lower left. This painting was one of the almost three thousand works owned by the German-born dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, which were seized and then sold by the French government in a series of four auctions following World War I.
Inscription: Signed (verso, lower center left): G Braque
[Galerie Kahnweiler, Paris, 1914; inv. no. 2233, photo no. 1201; sequestered Kahnweiler stock, December 12, 1914–21; second Kahnweiler sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, November 18, 1921, no. 19, as "Nature morte," sold for Fr 510, to an unidentified bidder]; Count Étienne de Beaumont, Paris (early 1920s–d. 1956); his heirs, France (1956–2006; sold in October 2006 to Lauder); Leonard A. Lauder, New York (from 2006)

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