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Modern Murals for Private Walls

In 1910, Pablo Picasso embarked on the creation of a group of decorative paintings for the Brooklyn residence of artist, collector, and critic Hamilton Easter Field, but the commission was never completed. Delve into the world of private mural commissions and hear from a range of scholars about the history of this unique, yet unrealized, project.

Paul Klee: "In the Magic Kitchen"

Join scholar Charles W. Haxthausen as he explores the variety of artist Paul Klee’s practice and reflects on its art-historical implications.

Mina Loy, Artist: From Rogue to Rags

Mina Loy, better known as a poet than an artist, was born in London and led a peripatetic life, settling variously in Paris, Florence, and New York. This lecture explores the ways her works of art, poetry, and other writings interrelate.

A Picasso Sketchbook: Fantasy and Reality

In his inaugural talk at The Met, scholar Neil Cox explores Picasso’s Sketchbook No. 26, which the artist kept until his death. Deciphering written notes and Cubist drawings, Cox reveals Picasso’s drawing processes and explores connections with his other sketchbooks, paintings, drawings, and sculptures from around 1913.

Essential Cubism: The Missing Chapters

New York University Professor Pepe Karmel explores the evolution of Cubism and its continuing influence in the art world.

The Market for Modernism

Between 1850 and 1950, when art collecting in France stalled due to the devastating effects of two world wars, revolution, and economic uncertainty, it accelerated internationally, gaining interest from foreign collectors. In this discussion, curators, scholars, and experts in provenance research consider the historical market for modern art as the root of the globalized art world of today.

The Company I Keep: An Evening with Leonard A. Lauder

Join Leonard A. Lauder as he reflects on his deep connection with museums, the arts, and New York City in a conversation with Met Director Max Hollein. Learn about Mr. Lauder's approach to building his seminal collection of Cubist art, and hear insights into his life experiences as documented in his recent memoir, The Company I Keep: My Life in Beauty.

International Impulses: Douglas Cooper's The Cubist Epoch

Explore Cubism's international reach through the lens of Douglas Cooper's landmark exhibition The Cubist Epoch (1970–71) with Nicholas Sawicki.

Art x Architecture: Russian Intersections 1917–37, Part 3

Part 3 of 3 in The Leonard A. Lauder Lecture Series on Modern Art– Art x Architecture: Russian Intersections 1917–37.

Art x Architecture: Russian Intersections 1917–37, Part 2

Part 2 of 3 in The Leonard A. Lauder Lecture Series on Modern Art– Art x Architecture: Russian Intersections 1917–37. 

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