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Artist Interview—The Facade Commission: Nairy Baghramian, Scratching the Back

Go behind the scenes with artist Nairy Baghramian, who discusses the inspiration and making of The Met’s 2023 Facade Commission.

Ballet Hispánico: Buscando a Juan

For this MetLiveArts commission, Ballet Hispánico Artistic Director and CEO Eduardo Vilaro reacts to the ideas presented in the exhibit Juan de Pareja: Afro-Hispanic Painter with Buscando a Juan (“Looking for Juan”) and explores the “sancocho”—literally, mixed soup—of cultures and diasporas.

Emma and the Van Gogh Paintings

Follow Emma Scully through time as she encounters Van Gogh.

Vincent  Van Gogh’s Cypresses hangs on a wall in a wooden frame. The painting depicts tall trees on the left side with a swirling sky behind.

Van Gogh’s Materials and Process I Sunday at The Met

Gain a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s artistic process through new discoveries from recent technical studies of Wheat Field with Cypresses and Cypresses in The Met collection. Hear from Museum experts about how these examinations have enriched our understanding of Van Gogh’s materials and process and shed light on his artistic vision.

Exhibition Tour—Tree & Serpent: Early Buddhist Art in India, 200 BCE–400 CE

Explore Tree & Serpent: Early Buddhist Art in India, 200 BCE–400 CE in this virtual tour of the exhibition.

The New York Buddhist Vihara Monks

This video features Buddhist monks from the New York Buddhist Vihara Foundation chanting a blessing of suttas (sutras), the spoken word of the Buddha as preserved in the Sri Lankan tradition.

“four martins – a dirge” from Songs in Flight

Composer Shawn Okpebholo and Duke University professor Dr. Tsitsi Ella Jaji bring individual stories to life through song.

What’s the Science behind Music?

Sound is invisible, yet it’s all around us! What’s going on here? What exactly is a sound, anyway?

What Does Sound Look Like?

Make an instrument and a special tool to visualize sound.

What Happens When We Touch Art?

Find out how touching artworks can be dangerous and meet the scientists that take care of the art—our conservators.

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