Instead of mixing paint colors on a palette, what happens if we let our eyes do the mixing? Learn about Pointillism and how the artist Georges Seurat used the science of optics to create a whole new way of painting!

Trick your friends with this optical illusion! Create an entire rainbow using only the primary colors — red, yellow, and blue dots.

Take a journey in The Met’s time machine and learn how some objects can last for hundreds of thousands of years!

Have you ever noticed that some old pennies look almost…green? In this experiment, use vinegar and salt to get to the bottom of how and why pennies turn green.

Go behind the scenes with artist Jacolby Satterwhite, who discusses his artistic process and inspiration for his 2023 multi-channel video installation in The Met’s Great Hall.

One of Nairy Baghramian's sculptures installed in the Met's niches for the Facade commission.

Join artist Nairy Baghramian for a conversation about The Facade Commission: Nairy Baghramian, Scratching the Back.

Delve into the spirit of Pueblo pottery and hear from community leaders, curators, artists, and collaborators on The Met’s first-ever, community-curated Native American exhibition, Grounded in Clay: The Spirit of Pueblo Pottery.

Join Stephan Wolohojian, John Pope-Hennessy Curator in Charge, and Ashley Dunn, Associate Curator, to virtually explore Manet/Degas.

During her residency at The Met, Alethea Pace is taking a process-centered approach and discovering what the work will be alongside her community.

Go behind the scenes with artist Nairy Baghramian, who discusses the inspiration and making of The Met’s 2023 Facade Commission.

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