Cubism in Focus

Conservators and curators explore individual aspects of works in the Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection.

abstract cubist image with a lot of whites, browns, and greys and lines everywhere.

Reevaluating Picasso’s Unfinished Masterpiece

Scholar and curator Anna Jozefacka discusses an unrealized decorative commission by Pablo Picasso intended for a Brooklyn residence.
Cubist painting of a metronome in tones of gray and brown

Georges Braque's Still Life with Metronome (Still Life with Mandola and Metronome), late 1909

Braque’s painting marked a critical step in advancing Cubism, but the importance of the metronome has been overlooked.
Oil painting of nude woman sitting on a stool holding a cloth between her bent legs with a dark green background

Pablo Picasso's Seated Female Nude, Winter 1908

Discover Picasso’s walk through the Jardin des Plantes, and his encounter with Oceanic sculpture at the Musée d’histoire naturelle, that inspired a 1908 painting.
Painting of two nude women and one nude man with earlier sketches and inscription in the light brown background

Pablo Picasso's Three Nudes, 1906

Learn how scholars used analytical imaging and digital manipulation to uncover a hidden drawing behind the many layers of Picasso’s Three Women (1906).
Oil painting looking out over a balcony onto a terraced park with geometrically formed trees in green, orange, and brown tones

Georges Braque's The Terrace at the Hôtel Mistral, 1907

Get a closer look at The Terrace at the Hôtel Mistral and its real-life inspiration, the Grand Hotel Château Fallet.
Ink and charcoal painting of a man’s head, shoulders, and almond-shaped eyes with long strokes of black ink coming out of them

Pablo Picasso's Head of a Man, 1908

Sketches obscured beneath this portrait reveals aspects of the artist’s creative process.
Oil and charcoal painting of brown-toned cubist take on a bar or café interior with the tall shape at the center identified as a bottle of “Marc Vieux” brandy

Georges Braque's Bottle of Marc Vieux, 1912

Conservators explain the artist’s process for creating his oil and charcoal painting, Bottle of Marc Vieux.
Ink and charcoal painting with a vertical figure of a woman created through scaffolding of planes and using curved and diagonal lines to make out the body

Pablo Picasso's Standing Woman, 1912

A conservator describes the techniques Picasso used to create his ink and charcoal drawing, Standing Woman (1912).
Oil painting which imitates layered paper and rum labels with red and blue dots throughout

Georges Braque's Bottle of Rum, 1914

Scholars discovered new aspects of this painting using transmitted light to expose paint layers and density changes in the canvas.
Painting with navy blue, green, and brown tones of a bottle, glass, pack of Scaferlati Ordinaire tobacco, and book on a tabletop

Juan Gris's Book and Glass, 1914

Learn more about the unique textures and media used in Juan Gris’s papier collé, Book and Glass (1914).
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