Terracotta Panathenaic prize amphora

Attributed to the Kleophrades Painter

Period: Archaic

Date: ca. 500 B.C.

Culture: Greek, Attic

Medium: Terracotta; black-figure

Dimensions: H: 25 in. (63.5 cm)

Classification: Vases

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1916

Accession Number: 16.71


After the mid-sixth century B.C., artists' signatures do not appear on Panathenaic prize amphorae. It seems, however, that certain artists used their own "trademark" shield devices. The Kleophrades Painter favored Pegasos, the winged horse. The reverse of this vase depicts the pankration, which combined wrestling, boxing, and kicking. The inclusion of the judge may highlight the particular danger of the event to the competitors.