Evening dress

Design House: Gianni Versace (Italian, founded 1978)

Designer: Gianni Versace (Italian, 1946–1997)

Date: spring/summer 1991

Culture: Italian

Medium: silk, glass

Credit Line: Gift of Gianni Versace, 1993

Accession Number: 1993.52.4


Versace's passion for Andy Warhol was fueled, as the designer reported, by one of his first trips to New York and his association of Warhol with media awareness, a lively art scene, appreciation of art and design, and the synthesis of art and living that Warhol practiced and that was epitomized by the Factory. Versace, the great observer and trawler after cultural details, saw Warhol as a soul mate. It is no accident that the Warhol dresses appear in the same collection as the 'Vogue' dresses. In each case, the designer assumed media and visual culture. The pairing of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe is like the Pop Art Medusa emblem already an icon for Versace. In 1991, Versace selected classic Warhol images that originated in the 1960s.