Table clock with calendar, Case and enamel design by the Firm of Lucien Falize (French, Paris 1839–1897 Paris), Silver, partly enameled gold, hardstones, rock crystal, amethysts, and diamonds, French, Paris

Table clock with calendar

Case and enamel design by the Firm of Lucien Falize (French, Paris 1839–1897 Paris)
in partnership with Germain Bapst (French, Paris 1853–1921 Paris)
Clockmaker: Firm of Le Roy et Fils (1828–1898)
Sculpture by Léon Chédeville (died 1883)
French, Paris
Silver, partly enameled gold, hardstones, rock crystal, amethysts, and diamonds
Overall: 18 1/2 × 7 × 7 in. (47 × 17.8 × 17.8 cm)
Credit Line:
Purchase, Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, 1991
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 556
This clock was made for the great English collector Alfred Morrison; the designer, Lucien Falize, later proudly displayed it in the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle. The historical revival case has the form of a late Gothic tower, decorated elaborately with sculptural and architectural motifs. Its craftsmanship confirmed Falize’s reputation as an enameler and a jeweler. The clock’s movement is by Le Roy et Fils, a Paris firm with a London branch that held a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria.
Signature: Signed on lapis panel to right of plinth with initials JR: L .FALIZE./INV.&./EXECVT/Paris/1881
Signed on molding below enamel depicting Law, on front: L. Chedeville sculp.
Engraved on brass plate: LE ROY ET FILS/Horologers/fournisseurs brevetés/de S.M. la Reine/à Londres; Retard: Avance; Quantième

Inscription: On front (below single dial):
[1] in panels, in gold: ECCLESIA (left); ORATIO (right)
[2] on plinth: LA flanking porcupine; motto COMINUS ET EMINUS
[3] engraved on lapis panels flanking plinth: Abizal/1442 (left); Paris 1515 (right)

On right:
[1] in panels, in gold: SAPIENTIA (top); LIBERATIO (left); INVESTIGATO (right)
[2] on plinth: HR flanking a portcullis, motto ALTERA SECURITAS
[3] engraved on lapis panels flanking plinth: Greenwich/1491 (left), Londres 1547 (right)

On back:
[3] right dial, enameled: 2•4•6•8•10•12•14•16•18•20•22•24•26•28•30•31-1
[4] engraved on banderoles in gold frame: HERI (left), HODIE (right),; CRAS (below)
[5] engraved on silver frame of rock crystal cover: Vulnerant onmes ultima necat
[6] in enamel panels in gold: LABOR (left); LEX (right)
[7] on plinth: AM flanking a grasshopper, motto PRAETIO PRUDENTIA PRAESTET
[8] engraved on lapis panels flanking plinth: L.FALIZE/INV.&/EXECVT (left); 1513 Rome (right)

On left:
[1] in panels in gold: FIDES (top), CARITAS (left), SPES (right)
[2] on plinth: JR flanking a papal tiara, motto POST TENEBRAS LUX
[3] engraved on lapis panels flanking plinth: Blois/1462 (left); Paris 1881 (right)

Various code marks and numbers appear. On Justice: 11 scratched inside edge of drapery on back, 1 on silver fitment; on Fortitude: 111 scratched inside front, 3 on silver; on Prudence: 1111 scratched inside front, 2 11 on silver; on Temperance: 1111 inside drapery, 4 on silver. On the reverse of the rim of the pierced-work plaque framing the three dials are indented circles: . .. ...

Marking: [1] BF flanking ring with rose-cut diamond, pendent pearl (firm mark of Bapst and Falize)
[2] EN in an oval (see image)
[3] London import mark for foreign work, 1906
[4] 925 in oval
[5] D in rectangle with canted corners
[6] stamped on key: FRANCE; 12

Location of marks:
1: enameled in center of upper dial on back
2-5: inside rim near foot of bottom section
3,4: also on silver rim of rock crystal cover on back and on silver shaft of figure of Truth
4: on silver bar fitted inside bottom of each gold figure
Alfred Morrison ; J. G. Morrison (until 1938; sale, Christie's, London, December 8, 1938, lot 30; sold for £65-2-0 to J. Cortez); J. Cortez (1938–before 1955) ; Antique Dome, Inc. , Miami Beach, Florida (by 1955; sale, Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, October 8, 1955, lot 342; sold for $5,000); Harry J. Reicher (before 1992; sale, Sotheby's New York, April 19, 1992, lot 233, property formerly collection Harry J. Reicher)