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Terracotta stamnos (jar)

Attributed to the Painter of London B 343
late 6th century B.C.
Greek, Attic
Terracotta; black-figure
H. 13 3/8"
W. with handles 13 1/2"
Credit Line:
Gift of Patricia Stickney, 2011
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 154
Obverse, chariot setting out
Reverse, five hoplites (foot soldiers)

Representations of Attic symposia (drinking parties) occasionally include stamnoi, indicating that they contained wine; they typically had lids. The decoration here juxtaposes aspects of heroic and contemporary warfare. The chariot evokes a bygone era described in Homer's epics of the Trojan War. The two figures in Scythian dress and the footsoldiers on both sides represent contemporary warriors. The painter was particularly inventive with the shield devices.
By 1956, art market, New York; until 1960s, collection of Baron Joseph van der Elst; by 1967 and until 1973, collection of Dr. Alfred Vogl, New York; 1973, inherited by Mrs. Patricia Stickney from Dr. A. Vogl; 1973-2010, collection of Mrs. P. Stickney; acquired in 2011, gift of Mrs. P. Stickney.
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