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Saber with Scabbard

Blade signed by Acem Oglu (Turkish, active 19th century)
19th century
Turkish, Ottoman
Steel, silver-gilt, gold, agate, wood, leather
L. 37 1/8 in. (94.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Bequest of George C. Stone, 1935
Accession Number:
36.25.1294a, b
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 379
The blade is signed by its maker, Acem Oglu. The Arabic inscriptions decorating it include: "Oh from the gentle God whose gentleness is without end, You are the Powerful, we will love You in Your palace on the day of judgement." The foliate ornament on the guard and scabbard mounts shows the strong influence of European design in Turkish art of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Signature: Blade signed (in Ottoman Turkish): Acem Oglu.

Inscription: Inscribed in Arabic, in cartouches from the hilt down the blade:

A) بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، الرحيم

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate."

B) وليس هناك رجل مثل علي وليس السيف ذي الفقار مثل

"There is no man like Ali and no sword like the Dhu'l Fiqar."

C) وأنا على ثقة في الله

"I trust in God."

Inscribed, in Arabic on the blade:

يا من الله لطيف الذي الوداعة هو بلا نهاية، أنت قوية، ونحن سوف أحبك في القصر الخاص بك على يوم القيامة

"Oh from the gentle God whose gentleness is without end, You are the Powerful, we will love You in Your palace on the Day of Judgement."

Marking: Scabbard mounts stamped with the tughra (calligraphic monogram) of Mahmud II (b. 1785-1839), the 30th sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
George Cameron Stone, New York (until d. November 18, 1935; his bequest to MMA).
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