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Illuminated Page from a Dispersed DharanI Manuscript

14th–15th century
Inks and color on paper
a: 25 3/8 x 5 7/8 in. (64.4 x 14.9 cm)
b: 24 1/2 x 6 in. (62.2 x 15.2 cm)
Credit Line:
Anonymous Gift, 1986
Accession Number:
1986.509.1a, b
Not on view
The upper page shows the seated bodhisattva Vajradhara on the left and an Esoteric form of the bodhisattva Vajrapani on the right. The lower shows Sakyamuni (the historic Buddha) and four Esoteric bodhisattvas—a seated yellow Manjushri, a seated white Avalokiteshvara, a standing blue Panjaranatha, and a standing blue Vajrapani.
Inscription: Transcription of the text:
page without pagination:

{l1} || : || ōṃ āḥ na maḥ śākya mu na ye sarbba siddha mme pra tstshantu hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ su tsandrā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ su {l2} re śva rā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ te dza ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ su re śva rā hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo bi śva mūrta ye hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ su re śā nā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ {l3} na maḥ puṇḍa ri kā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo bha drā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo bajri yā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ rakta pā ṇa ye hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo viṣṇu guptā ya hūṃ| {l4} ōṃ āḥ na mo arka kīrta ye hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ su bha dra ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo bi dzā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo ā dzā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ sūryā ya hūṃ| {l5} ōṃ āḥ na mo bi shva rū pā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na maḥ śa śi pra bhā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo a nantā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo ma hī pā lā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ {l6} na maḥ śrī pā lā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo ha ra ye hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ bi kr mā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo mahā ba lā ya hūṃ| ōṃ āḥ na mo a ni ruddhā ya hūṃ|
Further there is a text in dbu med:

page 2:
{l1} *|| || mahā: a dhi pa ti| nā ga pa ti| de śa pa ti| grā ma pa ti| bra hmma dza
ti| svā mi dza ti| a pa ra dza na dza ti| pu ru ṣa | na rī tsatuṣpā da| {l2} dvi pā da| a pā da| ba hu pā da| khe tsa ra| bhū mi tsa ri | pā ta la tsa ri| ma nu ṣyā a ma nu ṣya | sambho ga bhū ti śtsa ba śi ku ru ku ru svāhā|| : |dā na pa ti| {l3} sa pa ri pā raṃ| a pa ka ra sya| sarbba śa trūṃ
| sarbba bighnaṃ| sarbba a pakṣañtsa | mā ra ya| nā sha ya|
{l4} ya: śo ṣa ya| bandha ya| stambha ya| stambha ya| trā sa ya| trā sa ya|
ha na ha na | da ha da ha| pa tsa pa tsa| sabha smi {l5} ku ru hūṃ phaṭ||
||gzungs 'bum bkra shis 'od 'bar 'di| chos rje lo tstsha ba bu ston chen pos phyogs gcig tu mdzad pa'i gzungs 'bum chen mo|| ||rdzogs sho||

This page ends with a colophon stating that:
"This collection of mantras (gzungs ‘bum), Radiating Luck, [from the] great compendium (gzungs ‘bum) written by the lord of dharma and translator Bu-ston the great. Completed."

Christian Luczanits, 5/24/2004

Comparison: (per Stephen Kossak)
Two more pages of this manuscript are in the LA County Museum, M.81.9.1,2; Purchased with Funds from The Lewis and Erma Zalk Foundation, {Pal, 1990 #1624: M4, 128–29}:
a appears to be page 2 of this volume and shows Nāgārjuna to the right and Bu-ston (1290–1364) to the left:
Captions: ||'phags pa klu grub la na mo || and bu ston rin po che la na mo
b is page 202 (less likely 102) and shows Guhyasamāja and Raktayamāri(?)
Caption (only the first legible): dpal gsang ba 'dus pa la na mo|
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