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元 柯九思 臨文同墨竹圖 軸
Bamboo after Wen Tong

Ke Jiusi (Chinese, 1290–1343)
Yuan dynasty (1271–1368)
dated 1343
Hanging scroll; ink on silk
Image: 42 3/8 x 18 3/4 in. (107.6 x 47.6 cm) Overall with mounting: 98 1/2 x 26 5/8 in. (250.2 x 67.6 cm) Overall with knobs: 98 1/2 x 30 in. (250.2 x 76.2 cm)
Credit Line:
Ex coll.: C. C. Wang Family, Gift of Oscar L. Tang Family, 2006
Accession Number:
Not on view
This dramatically cropped image of bamboo reveals neither the plant's base nor its tip; rather, the leaves and branches seem to defy gravity, giving the pendent bough a sense of dynamic movement and growth. The contrasting ink tones and thrusting brushstrokes that define the leaves add to the vitality of the image.

Ke Jiusi, a leading connoisseur and curator of the imperial art collection, here demonstrates his scholarly approach to the study of antique models by freely copying a work by the Northern Song master Wen Tong (1019–1079), the patriarch of the monochrome bamboo genre.
Inscription: Artist's inscription and signature (2 columns in semi-cursive script):

On the winter solstice of the jiyou year during the Xining era [1069], Wen Tong, Yuke, from Bajun [in present-day Sichuan Province].
On the Duanyang festival [fifth day of the fifth lunar month] of the guiwei year during the Zhizheng era [1343] Ke Jiusi, Danqiu, made this copy.

Artist's seals

Xixun 錫訓
Ke shi Jingzhong 柯氏敬仲
Yunzhen Zhai 縕真齋

Label strips

1. Unidentified artist, 1 column in standard script, undated:


2. Bi Long 畢瀧 (1730–1797), 2 columns in standard script, undated; 1 seal:

元柯丹丘臨文湖州倒垂竹枝真跡,真定梁蕉林藏本,無上神品。 [印]: 畢瀧鑒賞

Collectors' seals

Liang Qingbiao 梁清標 (1620–1691)

Bi Long 畢瀧 (1730–1797)

Feng Gongdu 馮恕 (1867–1948)

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (己千,C. C. Wang, 1907–2003)

Oscar L. Tang Family , New York (until 2006; donated to MMA)
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