Relief from the Offering Niche of Inpuemhat

First Intermediate Period
Dynasty 9–11
ca. 2100–2010 B.C.
From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara, Teti Pyramid Cemetery, SAE 1905–1906
H. 69 cm (27 3/16 in.); W. 29 cm (11 7/16 in.); D. 9 cm (3 9/16 in.)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1910
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 103
This block faced the side of a nichs on the exterior of mud brick mastabas at Saqqara; the back part of the niche would have held a false-door stela. This block has three registers: offering bearers appear in the two top registers, and in the lowest register a lector-priest presents incense to Inpuemhat and his wife Sitsobek.
First Register:

Above figure on the right -
mnj.w jrSs spx rn n jwa ,
The herdsman, Ireshes, who brings a young ox

Above figure on the left -
wdp.w wsr
The butler, User

Second Register:

Upper inscription -
sxp.t n n.t(j) jn(.w) n=f m pr=f n D(.t)=f jmA.x jnp.w
Conducting of that which was brought to him from his domain of his estate, the revered Inpu

Before the rightmost figure - jpj-n-?jw?
The one who leads, ?Ipieniu?

Third Register:

Upper inscription -
jmax.w jnp.w-m-HA.t Hm.t=f mr.t=f zA.t-sbk
The revered, Inpuemhat; his beloved wife, Sitsobek

In front of the couple:
jw nn n kA n sHD-wab.w jnp.w-m-HA.t
These are for the soul of the Overseer of Priests Inpuemhat

Above the leftmost figure:
rDi.t snTr Xr.j-H(A)b wab jnp.w-m-HA.t
Giving incense (by) the lector priest, the wab-priest, Inpuemhat.
Excavated by J. Quibell for the Egyptian Antiquities Service in the Teti Pyramid Cemetery, Saqqara, 1905-06 season. Purchased by the Museum from the Egyptian Government, 1910.

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