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Goblet Inscribed with the Names of King Amenhotep IV and Queen Nefertiti

New Kingdom, Amarna Period
Dynasty 18
reign of Akhenaten
ca. 1353–1336 B.C.
From Egypt
Travertine (Egyptian alabaster)
H. 14 (5 1/2 in.); Diam. 10.5 cm (4 1/8 in.)
Credit Line:
Gift of Edward S. Harkness, 1922
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 121
This graceful, translucent drinking cup in the form of a white lotus blossom is treasured both for its beauty and its historical interest. The nomen (personal name) and prenomen (throne name) of Amenhotep IV are inscribed in the small panel on the side, between two cartouches surrounding the early titulary of the Aten (left) and a cartouche naming the principal queen, Nefertiti (right). Thus, the vessel must have been made before Year 5 of the king's reign, when he changed his name to Akhenaten.
Purchased in Cairo from Nicholas Tano, 1922.

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