Lintel block from the false door of Mery's chapel

Old Kingdom
Dynasty 4
ca. 2575–2520 B.C.
From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara, Djoser precinct, north of the Step Pyramid
L. 90.2 cm (35 1/2 in.)
Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. Edmund Lassalle, 1967
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On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 103
This portion of a lintel block above gives some of Mery's priestly and administrative titles. His wife and child are depicted in another relief (X.179).
The lintel is broken on both ends, thereby exhibiting only part of the first title and missing the tomb owner's name. The inscription recalls the following titles:
[jm.j-r'-zXA.ww]-a-nswt mDH-mHy.t* jm.j pr-HD pr-aHA.w, jm.j-r' jz-Hkr.w-nswt, Hr.j-zStA-pr-aA,, [mr.y]
Overseer of the royal document-scribes, Carpenter of the (cult image) of Mehit*, Overseer of the treasury and of the armory, Overseer of the chamber of the king's ornaments, Privy to the secrets of the Palace, Sole companion, Priest of the two Horuses who are in the desert**, Mery.
* mDH.w-mHy.t - The reading of this title is not entirely certain. The goddess Mehit appers already on early dynastic seals as a recumbant lionness with 3 pole extending from him back, see Godron, Gérard 1951. Deux notes d'épigraphie thinite. Revue d'égyptologie 8, 91-98.
**The dual divinity appearing in the final title of Mery is not attested elswhere. They might relate to the twin divinities of the Coptite nome or to the Northern and Southern Horus, see Fischer 1976: 29-30, n. 29; For further discussions see Jones, Dilwyn 2000, An index of ancient Egyptian titles, epithets and phrases of the Old Kingdom (Oxford, England : Archaeopress): no 2080.
Niv Allon 2016
Ex. coll. Albert Eid in Cairo; published by Abd el Hamid Zayed in 1962. Purchased through Fanaollah Sobhani (World Antiquities Ltd.) and given to the Museum by Mrs. Edmundo Lasalle, 1967.