Stela of Senu Adoring Osiris, Limestone

Stela of Senu Adoring Osiris

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
reign of Amenhotep III
ca. 1390–1352 B.C.
From Egypt; Probably from Middle Egypt, Tuna el-Gebel
H. 62.5 cm (24 5/8 in)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1918
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On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 119
This stela depicts the royal scribe Senu adoring the god Osiris, ruler of the underworld. Below, Senu's son, the lector priest Pawahy, is depicted twice. Once standing and pouring a libation; once kneeling and reciting the funerary prayer inscribed in front of him. A second stela belonging to Senu is displayed in the same gallery (12.182.39).
Above the seated god
wp-wA.wt-Sma.w sxm nTr aA HqA D.t
The southern Wepwawet, the powerful, foremost of the westerners, the great god, ruler of eternity.
Above Senu
Dd mdw (jn) zXA.w-nswt Snw
Xnm=k m
Wsjr nb r-sTA.w
Words spoken (by) the royal scribe, Senu:
May you unite with the two Fields of Offerings,
Osiris lord of Rosetau.
Between the two figures
prr.t nb.t Hr wdH.w n Wsjr n kA n wHm nswt tp.j snw
(May) all that goes forth on the offering table of Osiris be for the ka of the chief royal herald, Senu
(1) Dd mdw (jn) Xr.j-H(A)b.t pA-wAH.j
(2) Wsjr zXA.w-nswt snw
(3) ab(.w)=k mj Hr.w
snTr(4)=k mj stX
xrw.y=k Xr Tb.w=k
(5) xft.jw=k xr(.w)
(6) nn-wn=sn
Words spoken (by) the lector priest Pawahy:
Osiris, the royal scribe, Senu
Your purification is like (that of) Horus,
Your incense is like (that of) Seth,
Your enemy is under your sandals,
Your opponents have fallen,
and no (longer) exist.
Next to the two figures
Xr.j-H(A)b.t pA-wAH.j
zA=f xa
The lector priest Pawahy
(and) his son Kha.
Allon 2016
Purchased in Cairo from Nicolas Tano, 1918.