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Stela of Hatiay

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
ca. 1336–1295 B.C.
From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara
H. 25 cm (9 13/16 in), w. 23 cm (9 1/16 in)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1955
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 124
This relief, which may have once decorated the entrance to the tomb of the God's Father, Hatiay, depicts him kneeling between two standing figures of his son and of a priest, all raising their right hands in adoration of a missing figure of the god, Sokar-Osiris. Hatiay who wears a long pleated kilt with a priestly sash and a broad collar, holds a censer and a spouted libation vase. His son behind him carries a bouquet on his shoulder, which extends beyond border of the relief. The inscription above evokes abundant offerings to the god.
To the left: "Sokar-Osiris, I have given you a thousand of bread and a thousand of...a thousand of oxen and a thousand of fowl, a thousand of incense and a thousand of fat, a thousand of alabaster and a thousand of clothing, a thousand of wine and a thousand of divine-offerings, a thousand of everything sweet and a thousand of everything pure and good, and the offerings of all the yearly sustenance for Sokar in the Henu barque"
Above the main figure: God's father, Hatiay
Above the figure to his right: His son, the wab-priest, Ptahmose

Niv Allon 2014
Ex collection Tigrane Pasha D'Abro, Egypt (d. 1904). Purchased from Michel Abemayor, New York, 1955. Formerly in 1872 sale of material from Chateau Pomorzany (a former property of King John III Sobieski), then collection of M. Gaife, Paris, in 1876.

Scott, Nora E. 1956. "Recent Additions to the Egyptian Collection." In The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, new ser., vol. 15, no. 3 (November), pp. 81–82, fig. 7.

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