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Front cover: The Spirit of Christmas and Father Time with St. Paul's in the background (color lithograph).

Calendar headings, Birds by R. H. Moore: January: Mallard, p. 2; February: Snipe, p. 6; March: Woodcock, p. 10; April: Golden Plover, p. 18; May: Quail, p. 18; June: Curlew, p. 22; July: Ruff, p. 26; August: Grouse, p. 30; September: Partridge, p. 34; October: Blackcock, p. 38; November: Ptarmigan, p. 42; December: Pheasant, p. 46.

Color lithographs, paired panels: January (two boys fallen on ice watched by girl) and February (postman delivering valentines to two girls), opp. p. 2; March (woman's hat blown off, chased by man) and April (woman and girl on steps looking at rain), opp. p. 10; May (girls with flowering boughs and lambs) and; June (Couple and child seated in a field), opp. p. 18; July (figures in a boat looking at swans) and August (boy in tree throwing fruit down to a girl holding open her apron), opp. p. 26; September (woman with two girls by the seaside) and October (woman riding to hounds, followed by a man), opp. p. 34; November (boy holding up a rabbit for a man with shotgun) and December (man and woman dancing), opp. p. 42.
Art and other illustrations:
Richard Caton Woodville, “The New Year's Early Breakfast,” p. 3, engraver’s emblem lower right (woman feeding birds in the snow, boy behind with dog in a doorway). ILL
R. Taylor and [illeg. signature F. J. Sy…], A Sherbet Seller at Cairo, p. 7 (turbaned man on street calling out for custom). ILL
Stephen T. Dadd, "Petty Larceny," p. 11 (Monkey stealing food from dogs). ILL
Stephen T. Dadd, "Robbery with Violence," p. 19 (bigger dog stepping on spaniel to get food). ILL
Edward Deanes, "The Village Champion: "I'll Write to the Papers! p. 23 (fisherman preparing to write a letter) (first published Illustrated London News, July 18, 1885 identifies artist).
Frederick Verrall, "When the Flowing Tide Comes In" (fishwife, standing on the shore holding a net) (first published Illustrated London News, July 18, 1885).
Charles Trevor Garland, "Who Speaks First?" p. 35 (boy with a bowl and spoon looking at two dogs, a cat next to them, a third dog on the bench, and a girl behind with her hands on his shoulders). ILL
E. J. Walker, "Dressing for the Charade," p. 43 (first published Illustrated London News, Jan. 3, 1885, p. 9; children in costumes in a room hung with paintings).
Tullochgorum at Cairo–Astonishing the Natives, p. 48. ILL

Front cover: Father Time in a boat rowing with his scythe, child in front of him holding an hourglass (color lithograph).

Calendar headings: January: Edinburgh Castle from the Greyfriars' Cemetery, p. 2; February: Quirang, Isle of Skye, p. 6; March: Glen Harticorry, Isle of Skye, p. 10; April: Uquhart Castle, Loch Ness, p. 14; May: Cawdor Castle, p. 18; June: The Tagus: Toledo, p. 22; July: Sword Manufactory, Toledo, p. 26; August: Magazine and Newark Gate, Leicester, p. 30; September: Bishop's Palace, Wells, p. 34; October: The Market Place, Frankfort on the Rhine, p. 38; November: On the Tsar, Munich, p. 42; December: The Castle, Königsburg, p. 46.

Color lithographs: Central ovals in full color of single figures dressed in seasonal garb, borders in tints, containing children engaged in activities related to the months, opp. pp. 2, 10, 18, 26, 34, 42.

Frederick Sargent, H.R.H. Princess Beatrice, from the Picture presented to the Princess by Prince Henry of Battenberg, p. 3.

Art and other illustrations:
Windsor Castle, p. 7.
William Rainey, "Out of his Depth," p. 11 (first published Illustrated London News, June 13, 1885, p. 635, as by W. Rainey) (fisherman holding a small turtle or crustacean)
James E. Bourhill, "A Sleeping Beauty," engraved by George Edward Lodge, p. 11 (first published Illustrated London News, April 25, 1885, p. 430, as “St. Bernard Puppy, the Sleep of Innocence” with J. E. Bourhill, in block).
"At the Lock: Toil," p. 19 (two working women pushing a beam; no artist).
"At The Lock: Pleasure," p. 23 (well-dressed woman seated on a wooden beam with a dog; no artist).
“Private and Confidential,” p. 31 (two women reading a letter on a garden bench, no artist)
The Time of Roses, p. 27 (woman in decorated hat, holding roses near a bush; no artist).
"A Disgrace to the Family," p. 35 (puppy with face and paws dirty facing mother and littermates in a barn; no artist).
The New Tower Bridge at High Tide, with the Drawbridge Up, p. 43.
Christmas at Korti 1885: Preparng for the Bonfire, p. 47.
Humours of Electioneering: On the Music Hall Stage–For This Night Only, p. 48.

Front cover, tinted lithograph (a frozen swamp).
Six tinted lithographs, following cover: after paintings by Orteste Cortazzo, The Banquet (Fifteenth Century), The Boar Hunt (Sixteenth Century), The Waits (Seventeenth Century), The Gavotte (End of Eighteenth Century), Fortune Telling (Beginning of Eighteenth Century), Christmas Presents (Nineteenth Century); illustrating the incidents mentioned in "Little Jim's Big Story."
Front cover, color lithograph (a man on horseback using his sword to deliver a note to a woman at an open window above)

Color lithographs: Hector Giacomelli: Robins, opp. p. 1; William Weekes, Waiting for Dinner (pigs), opp. p. 8; T. M., Dorothy (woman in hat and ruffled collar); The Captive, opp. p. 24 (girl holding a bird, looking at light, no artist); William Weekes, Clamorous Customers (geese), opp. p. 32; Hector Giacomelli, Tom Tits, opp. p. 40.

Calendar headings (one signed by George Montbard): January: Lea Hurst, Derbyshire, the home of Florence Nightingale, p. 1; February: The Manchester Royal Jubilee Exhibition Buildings, p. 6; March: The Adelaide Jubilee Exhibtion, p. 10; April: Nice, p. 14; May: A Bridge on the Lower Kootenay River, p. 18; June: Cragford, Devonshire by George Montbard, p. 22; July: Kelso from the Southeast, p.26; August: The City of Tunis, p. 30; September: In the Grounds of Mount Edgecumbe, p. 34; October: Massowah, On the Red Sea, p. 38; November: Sandringham, Principal Front and East Entrance, p. 42; December: Aylesford, Kent, p. 46.

Art and other illustrations:
"The Queen, God Bless Her!" p. 3 (Beefeater giving a toast, no artist).
Louis William Wain, "So Near and Yet So Far," engraved by Reginald B. Lodge, p. 7 (dog on chain looking at cat on a barrel).
Louis William Wain, "How Happy Could I Be with Either!" engraved by Reginald B. Lodge p. 11 (dog barking at tree with cat and rooster above).
William Rainey, "Where Primroses Grow," p. 15 (boy cutting flowers and girl holding basket).
The Villa Edelweiss, Cannes, p. 23.
The Queen at Olympia, p. 24.
Young Lions Introduced to the Queen at Olympia, C. H. sc., p. 27.
Richard Taylor, "At a Flower Sermon," p. 31, signed R. Taylor, lower left (woman and girls holding flowers).
"Evangeline," by Florence Gravier, C.H. sc., p. 35.
"The Minuet," p. 39 (boy in 17th century costume, no artist).
"The Minuet," p. 43 (girl in 17th century costume, no artist).
"Christmas Pudding on Board a Training Ship," p. 47 (boys in naval uniform smiling and passing out plates as huge pudding is brought to the table, no artist).
Wilford Church, near Nottingham, p. 48.

Front cover, color lithograph (robins and holly in the snow; Japanese style landscape within the border at left)

Calendar headings: insect and mold pests injurious to the farmer, fruit-grower, and gardener by Jabez Hogg, pp. 1, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46.

Color lithographs, printed by Leighton Brothers (G. Leonce identified in two): The Chaffinch, opp. p. 4; The Woodpecker, by G. Leonce, opp. p. 8; The Goldfinch, opp. p. 16; The Thrush, opp. p. 24; The Bullfinch, by G. Leonce, opp. p. 32; The Kingfisher, opp. p. 40;

Art and other illustrations:
Cipriano Cei, "Grandfather's watch," p. 3, signed “C. Cei, Firenz” (a boy holding up a watch chain and grinning).
Cathedral Door at San Remo, p. 7.
Anton Weinberger, “Taken by Surprise,” p. 11, signed lower right “AWeinberger” (a fox looking over a fallen piece of wood at a frozen hare).
Robert Beyschlage, "Young Ducks," signed lower left: “Robert Beyschlage, Munchen” (child on a dock looking at ducks), p. 19.
"Love Lightens Labour," p. 23 (father sitting on a table and young woman on a chair, sewing and tailoring, no artist).
“What are the Wild Waves Saying?” p. 27 (two girls sitting and standing on a breakwater wall; no artist).
"Mussel Gatherers," p. 31 (girls with baskets, bare feet, no artist).
"A Seasonable Gift," p. 35 (girl wearing a dark hat, holding platter of fruits, note in German, no artist).
“Early Navigators,” p. 39 (two boys and a girl looking a toy sailboat; no artist).
"Skye Crofters Grinding Corn," p. 43 (man and woman outside stone buildings, with a small hand mill; no artist).
Carpet Market, Cairo, p. 47 (no artist).
"The Angelus," Picture by J. F. Millet, sold in Paris for 553,000 Francs, p. 48.

Front cover, color lithograph (a village church in the snow with figures walking, within a rondel, the border filled with apple blossom).

Color lithographs: Paul de Longpré, Marèchal Niel Roses and Wistaria, opp. p. 1; Pierre Bourgogne, Passion Flower, opp. p. 8; Paul de Longpré , Tea Roses and Hawthorne, opp. p. 16; Paul de Longpré, General Jacqueminot Roses and Clematis, opp. p. 24; Pierre Bourgogne, Iris, opp. p. 32; Pierre Bourgogne, Water Lilies, opp. p. 40.

Calendar headings: Birds and insects, the farmer's and gardener's friends and foes, pp. 1, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46.

Art and other illustrations:
"Ready for Church," p. 3 (girl walking in a landscape, carrying books, no artist).
Louis Wain, "A Thing of Beauty," p. 7 (a bulldog on a doorstep).
"A Caucasienne," p. 11 (woman in native costume, no artist).
"Springtime," p. 15 (girl in idealized shepherdess costume with a goat, no artist).
"Spring Flowers," p. 19 (girl in mobcap and 18th century costume holding flowers in her skirt, updated variation of Sir J. Reynolds, no artist).
"Ducks and Green Peas," p. 23 (girl seated with bowl on her lap, shelling peas, baby ducks at her feet, no artist).
"A Thank Offering," p. 27 (youth or girl in white robe with cross on a chain around their neck, holding a tray of greenery, looking upward, no artist).
George Montbard, The Village of Llangollen, North Wales, signed lower right, p. 31.
Venetian Boats, p. 35 (sailboats on the lagoon, no artist).
"The Little Tramps," p. 39 (two girls, one holding basket and staff, the other a bag slung over her shoulder, no artist).
"Condemned to Death," p. 42 (woman in large hat grinning and holding a cockerell, no artist).
Lord Lonsdale, the Arctic Traveller, p. 47 (seated in the snow in arctic gear; no artist).
William Henry James Boot, Bishopsthorpe, on the Ouse, near York, signed in image, lower left, p. 48.

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