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Group portrait of members of the Second Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Congregation poses in front of church building located at 441 Monroe Street; commercial buildings in background. Inset portrait of the Reverend Robert L. Bradby. Handwritten on front: "Second Baptist Church, Aug. 5, 1923. Jackson photo." Stamped on back: "Harvey C. Jackson, photographer. Clifford 6054 M. 2614 Beaubien St., Detroit, Mich. Suitable frames for this photograph in stock or made to order.

Discovering My Roots

Unearthing my family history through James Van Der Zee and Harvey Cook Jackson's photography.
close up of painting of elephants face adorned with jewelry

Elephant Soul, Indian Brush

Take a closer look at the Asian elephant through the eyes of Indian court painters
Marble stele from ancient Greece. The shaft depicts a young, athletic man holding a pomegranate and oil flask. His little sister is next to him, holding a flower.

The Birth of a Hero

Despite its grandeur, the monument seemed so personal, so intimate and melancholic.
Black-and-white poster with a bold statistic about AIDS, an image of a baby doll, and accompanying text about HIV/AIDS in babies.

Queer Activist Art

Gran Fury’s weapons of mass production.
Portrait of an old man in a simple brown tunic with fur trim. His hands are placed over each other in the bottom right corner of the frame.

Memling's Faces

They say we are given a face at birth that we must live with initially, but by a certain age, we make our own face and then we must live with that.
Person filming speaker on their cellphone

Sam iz Dat

Independent art publishing by Chinese-speaking creators.
Aerial view of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2023, with Fifth Avenue at top and the existing modern and contemporary wing, which will be transformed, at bottom right.

An Exciting Milestone for the Redesign of The Met’s Galleries for Modern and Contemporary Art

Director and CEO Max Hollein celebrates an important moment as the Museum moves forward with renovation plans for the new Oscar L. and H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang Wing with architect Frida Escobedo, the first woman to design a wing in the Museum’s 154-year history.
Printed graphic image of a white woman seductively holding a poppy flower. The Woman and the peony are an orange color and the background of the image is black and the woman's dress and hat are created just using orange outlines.

By Women, for Women: American Art Posters of the 1890s

How did women emerge as active creators of art and visual culture in the nineteenth century?
Gorgeous outdoor shot of Italian gardens

“A Library with Rooms Attached for Living”

A librarian’s dream trip to Florence, Italy.
Ketubah with ornate floral pattern

The Art of Love in the Ketubah

Explore Watson Library's collection of Jewish marriage contracts.
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