Visiting Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion?

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White "Immaterial" logo text superimposed on a close-up of colorful feathers.

Introducing: Immaterial Season 2

Revealing the stories within, behind, and beside the materials used to make art.
Detail of Romare Bearden's "The Block,"  a collage of diverse elements including urban scenes, portraits, and abstract shapes in a vibrant composition.

The Block

I am startled by the intimacy the mural grants us.
Detail of Augusta Savage's sculpture "Lift Every Voice and Sing

Harlem Is Everywhere: Episode 5, Art as Activism

What was the political legacy of the Harlem Renaissance?
Harlem Is Everywhere" episode 4 art, featuring Jacob Lawrence's "Pool Parlor

Harlem Is Everywhere: Music & Nightlife

What were the sounds of the Harlem Renaissance?
Portrait of woman dressed in heavy garment and fur. Her expression is calm, while her arm rests on the wooden table.

At the Reception

For me the photograph speaks to optical illusion, to ambiguity, to the blurring of immediate impressions and assumptions.
Detail of a quilt by Emma Civey Stahl depicting various floral designs and scenes of life during the Civil War in square and circular vignettes.

Museums Without Men: Emma Civey Stahl

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Detail of Marie Denise Villers’s portrait of a young woman artist seated and sketching at her easel.

Museums Without Men: Marie Denise Villers

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Katy Hessel stands in the sunlit Greek and Roman galleries at The Met Museum.

Museums Without Men at The Met

Traverse the Museum’s galleries highlighting remarkable achievements by women artists.
Detail of Firelei Báez’s painting of woman figure camouflaged in an expanse of dense shaggy textures and colors.

Museums Without Men: Firelei Báez

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Detail of Rosa Bonheur’s painting titled “The Horse Fair” featuring a group of lively horses at an outdoor market in Paris.

Museums Without Men: Rosa Bonheur

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