Two tintype portraits in black and white

A Conversation with Will Wilson

Will Wilson's photography, rooted in his upbringing on the Navajo Nation, intertwines the past, present, and future of Indigenous cultural practices.
abstract cubist image with a lot of whites, browns, and greys and lines everywhere.

Reevaluating Picasso’s Unfinished Masterpiece

Scholar and curator Anna Jozefacka discusses an unrealized decorative commission by Pablo Picasso intended for a Brooklyn residence.
Black and white image of the actor Charlie Chaplin dressed as the tramp, a white man in overalls in this scenario and a mustache where he is trapped between massive factory cogs that he is riding while also trying to tighten the bolts with both of his hands at the same time.

A More Perfect Union: American Political Art of the 1930s

The scholar Max Fraser considers how the Great Depression spurred a decade of art influenced by leftist politics.
painting of a woman in a white dress wearing a broad hat sitting with a book with ribbon covering her face

The Portraits of Volker Hermes

The artist behind a series of popular photocollages discusses the signs and symbols of portraiture.

Reimagining Peruvian Portraiture with Ana de Orbegoso

Learn how the artist updates ancient Andean aesthetics to reflect the world today.
Still from "The Living Room" of Berenice Abbott sitting in an armchair in front of a fire with a camera on the table in front of her

Filming Berenice Abbott

Filmmakers Martha Wheelock and Kay Weaver discuss their memories of living and working with the legendary photographer.
Charles Ray's copy of ten marble fragments of the Great Eleusinian Relief in aluminum

Sculpture in a Cultural Space

In conversation with Hal Foster, the artist Charles Ray discusses his work’s relationship to ancient reliefs, modern sculpture, and other works of art.

Frame of Mind: Art and Human Connection

Vivienne O'Neill of Citymeals on Wheels discusses how art has offered a lifeline to homebound seniors during the pandemic

Rococo and the (Disney) Renaissance

Curator Wolf Burchard and producer Don Hahn explore how 18th-century European decorative arts inspired Walt Disney.

Remixing the Future

The author and illustrator John Jennings discusses Seneca Village, Afrofuturism, and writing The Met's first graphic novella.
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