Flintlock Gun

Steel-chiseler: Louis Jaley (French, Saint-Étienne 1696–1773)

Barrelsmith: Nicolas Carteron (French, Saint-Étienne, recorded ca. 1733–63)

Stock maker: Joseph Blachon (French, Saint-Étienne, recorded ca. 1725–35)

Date: dated 1735

Geography: Saint-Etienne

Culture: French, Saint-Etienne

Medium: Steel, gold, wood, silver

Dimensions: L. 57 1/2 in. (146.1 cm); L. of barrel 41 7/8 in. (106.5 cm); caliber .62 in. (15.5 cm)

Classification: Firearms

Credit Line: Harris Brisbane Dick and Rogers Funds, 1987

Accession Number: 1987.274


Known primarily as a producer of military weapons, the Royal Arms Manufactory at Saint-Etienne occasionally made luxury weapons, of which this is perhaps the finest example. Depictions of classical gods and goddesses are chiseled into the steel parts; and the left side of the butt is inlaid in silver with a scene of dogs attacking an imperial double-headed eagle, a reference to France's continual political and military struggle against the Holy Roman Empire.