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Marble sarcophagus with garlands

ca. A.D. 200–225
Marble, Proconnesian
Overall: 53 x 88in. (134.6 x 223.5cm)
Stone Sculpture
Credit Line:
Gift of Abdo Debbas, 1870
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 169
This was the first gift accepted by the Museum.

The back and cover of this sarcophagus are unfinished, and its inscription tablet is blank, which may imply that it went unsold in antiquity. Garlands of oak leaves supported by two erotes and four Victories adorn the front and sides. Medusa heads fill the spaces above the garlands, except in the center of the front, where there is the blank inscription tablet. Six erotes hunt various wild animals along the front face of the cover, while two others stand at the corners. On the left end, Eros awakens Psyche with an arrow, and on the right, they embrace.
Found at Tarsus, Cilicia, near the bridge over the Cydnus River in 1863 (Davis 1879, p. 31).

Until 1870, collection of J. Abdo Debbas, American vice consul, Tarsus, Cilicia (modern-day southern Turkey); acquired in 1870, gift of J. Abdo Debbas.
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