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Pair of Snaphaunce Pistols

Matteo Cecchi, called Acquafresca (Italian, Bargi, 1651–1738)
Giovan Battista Francino (Italian, Brescia, active second half of 17th century)
ca. 1690
Italian, Bargi
Steel, silver, wood (ebony)
L. of each pistol 21 1/2 in. (54.7 cm); L. of each barrel 15 in. (38.2 cm); Cal. of each barrel 1/2 in. (13 mm)
Credit Line:
Purchase, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Gift, 2006
Accession Number:
2006.471.1, .2
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 375
Acquafresca was one of the most talented Italian gunmakers of all time. His mastery of relief-chiseled and engraved steel was unsurpassed, Although he worked in the isolated hamlet of Bargi, near Bologna, he was well aware of international firearms fashion, including gunmakers' pattern books published in Paris. He had a sophisticated clientele, among them the ruling Medici family of Florence.

These pistols are among Acquafresca's best preserved and most original works. The black ebony stocks contrast with the bright steel mounts and silver wire inlay. The facing male and female heads on chiseled steel plaques set into the grips, behind the barrel, perhaps allude to the gunmaker's noble patrons. The silver wire ornament on each pistol is distinctly different. The barrels are inscribed prominently with Acquafresca's name.
Signature: Signed on the smooth forward section of one of the barrels, within a cartouche, in script: Acqua Fresca; on the underside of the barrel at the breech end:GIO BATT FRANCINO A (Giovan Battista Francino); on the lockplate in front of the pan: ACQUA / FRES / CA; on the second pistol's forward barrel section: Matteo Acqua Fresca.

Inscription: Inscribed on the top flat at the breech on one of the pistol's barrel: 1; on the second pistol's barrel: 2.
[Art dealer, London, until 2006; sold to MMA].
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