Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II)

Vasily Kandinsky (French (born Russia), Moscow 1866–1944 Neuilly-sur-Seine)
Oil on canvas
47 3/8 x 55 1/4 in. (120.3 x 140.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 908
In his influential treatise, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky theorized a new form of artistic expression that would reject the materialist world in favor of emotional and spiritual ideals, using abstract forms and color symbolism to evoke an inner, preconscious world. Composed of dark lines and abstract colorful masses, Improvisation 27 depicts three iterations of an embracing couple surrounded by serpentine forms. Kandinsky hints at the painting’s possible subject in the subtitle "Garden of Love II," likely a reference to biblical Eden.
#2004. Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II)
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Inscription: Signed and dated (lower left): Kandinsky 1912
[Neue Kunst Hans Goltz, Munich, until 1913; sold on March 8, 1913 for $500 to Stieglitz]; Alfred Stieglitz, New York (1913–d. 1946; his estate, 1946–49; gift to MMA)

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