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New Kingdom
Dynasty 18, early
reign of Thutmose II–early Joint reign
ca. 1492–1473 B.C.
From Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Tomb of Hatnefer and Ramose (below TT 71), coffin III, MMA excavations, 1935–36
Copper alloy
Overall: H. 16.8 cm (6 5/8 in.); W. 8.5 cm (3 3/8 in.); Th. 2 cm (13/16 in.)
Mirror disk: H. 7 cm (2 3/4 in.); W. 8.5 cm (3 3/8 in.); Th. 0.3 cm (1/8 in.)
Handle: H. 9.8 cm; greatest W. 6.3 cm (3 3/8 in.); Diam. 1.3 cm (1/2 in.); Greatest th. 2 cm (13/16 in.)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1936
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 116
This mirror is made of copper alloy cast in two pieces. The disk has a tang that fits into a hole in the handle and is held in place by a small bronze peg. The handle is decorated with the emblem of the goddess Hathor. The mirror was found in the bottom of a coffin discovered in the tomb of Hatnefer (36.3.1). A number of other objects in the Museum's collection had been placed in the same coffin including a bowl and two dishes made of faience (36.3.8–.10), a wood cosmetic box (36.3.11a, b), another mirror (36.3.12a, b), and five amulets (36.3.20–.24).
Excavated by the Egyptian Expedition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1935–1936. Acquired by the Museum in the division of finds, 1936.

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