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Priest with vase and censer

Third Intermediate Period
Dynasty 22–24
ca. 945–712 B.C.
From Egypt
Leaded bronze, gold leaf on censer and vessel
H. 11.7 × W. 3.4 × D. 5.9 cm (4 5/8 × 1 5/16 × 2 5/16 in.)
Credit Line:
Edith Perry Chapman Fund, 1947
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 130
The dominant mode for metal statuary of nonroyal individuals during the first millennium B.C. was the ritual pose. Most statuettes in the genre display the shaved head, flowing garments, and other accoutrements that from the New Kingdom on were associated with priests. However, none of these priest-type figures can be definitively dated to the New Kingdom; this example has technical features that suggest a later date. It is thus possible that the placement of nonroyal ritual statuary in temples was an exception before the Third Intermediate Period.
Purchased from Frank J. Tano, New York, 1947.

Hill, Marsha and Deborah Schorsch 2016. "Ptah's Profile." In Another Mouthful of Dust. Egyptological Studies in Honour of Geoffrey Thorndike Martin, 246, TIP/27 pp. 274-287.

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