Exhibitions/ Art Object

Pair of gold armbands

ca. 200 B.C.
Overall: 10 7/16in., 0.4lb. (26.5cm, 0.2kg)
Other (height-triton armband): 9 13/16in. (25cm)
Other (height-tritoness armband): 10 7/16in. (26.5cm)
Gold and Silver
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1956
Accession Number:
56.11.5, .6
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 163
These imposing serpentine armbands represent two tritons, male and female, each holding a small winged Eros. The hoops behind the tritons' heads were used to attach the armbands to the sleeves of a garment, for otherwise, their weight (each over 6 1/2 ounces) would have caused them to slip down the arms.
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