Visiting Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion?

You must join the virtual exhibition queue when you arrive. If capacity has been reached for the day, the queue will close early.

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Art Explained

Van Gogh’s Materials and Process I Sunday at The Met

Gain a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s artistic process through new discoveries from recent technical studies of Wheat Field with Cypresses and Cypresses in The Met collection. Hear from Museum experts about how these examinations have enriched our understanding of Van Gogh’s materials and process and shed light on his artistic vision.

In Circulation

The Transforming Book

Conservation of a “Blow Book”

MetKids Microscope

What’s the Science behind Music?

Sound is invisible, yet it’s all around us! What’s going on here? What exactly is a sound, anyway?

MetKids Microscope

What Does Sound Look Like?

Make an instrument and a special tool to visualize sound.

MetKids Microscope

What Happens When We Touch Art?

Find out how touching artworks can be dangerous and meet the scientists that take care of the art—our conservators.

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How to Dust For Fingerprints

Uncover hidden fingerprints around your home like an art detective.

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Are Bookworms Real? Pests at The Met

Meet some of the critters that like to munch on art and books at the Museum and learn how experts keep The Met safe.

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How to Make a Field Guide

Make a field guide and use it to classify bugs like a scientist at the museum.

On View

The Giants of Mont’e Prama

Learn about the discovery and meaning of these ancient stone figures from Sardinia.

Behind the Scenes

Textile Conservation at The Met

Learn about the science, art, and exhibition techniques of textile conservation at The Met.


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