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Standing warrior

Early Bronze Age
ca. late 3rd millennium B.C.
H. 41 cm
Credit Line:
Gift of Norbert Schimmel Trust, 1989
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 403
Standing with arms bent and extended, this figure has distinctive elongated proportions, a pointed head with long braided hair, and a bearded oval face with large eyes (originally inlaid). He once held weapons in his hands, perhaps a spear and mace, and wears a knee-length kilt and a wide belt with long tassel ties. The feet have sandals and the tangs on the bottom served to attach the figure to a stand or other furniture, perhaps in a temple. The figure may represent a hero or even a deity, although he does not wear distinguishing headgear such as horns or a crown. The statuette is impressive for its size, larger than most bronze examples of its type.

The style of the figure is related to early third millennium bronzes found near Antioch in Syria, and it may be a later example in the same tradition.
Said to be found in the Jezzine mountains of Lebanon in 1948 (Seyrig 1953, p. 35, pl. XI, 1); 1953, known on the art market; by 1958, collection of Norbert Schimmel, New York; 1960-1989, on loan periodically to the Museum by Norbert Schimmel; acquired by the Museum in 1989, gift of Norbert Schimmel Trust.

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