History of the Westminster Election, Containing Every Material Occurence, From Its Commencement on the First of April, to the Final Close of the Poll, on the 17th of May

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Thirteen etched illustrations:
1: opp. title page: Rowlandson, "The Rival Candidates: Themistocles, Demosthenes, Judas Iscariot," "Pub'd April 8th 1784 by W. Humphrey No. 227 Strand" (Grego I.124; British Museum Satires 6510) (folded).
2: opp. dedication: Rowlandson, "Liberty and Fame introducting Female Patriotism to Britain, She Smiles--Infused with a Fortitude from Heaven, Vide Shakespeare's Tempest" [May 25, 1784] (Grego I.141; British Museum Satires 6510).
3: opp. p. 43, Rowlandson, "The Champion of the People," "Pub'd March 11 1784 by W. Humphrey No. 227 Strand" (Grego I.120; British Museum Satires 6444) (folded).
4: opp. p. 48: Rowlandson, "The State Auction," "Pub-d March 26th by W. Humphrey, No. 227 Strand 1784" (Grego I.121; British Museum Satires 6469) (folded)
5: opp. p. 95: Rowlandson, "Britannia Roused, or The Coalition Monsters Destroyed" [Feb. 3, 1784] (Grego I.116; British Museum Satires 6403) (folded).
6: opp. p. 131: Rowlandson, "The Hanoverian Horse and British Lion, A Scene in a New Play lately acted in Westminster with distinguished Applause, Act 2nd. Scene last," "Pub-d March 31st 1784 by W. Humphrey 227 No. Strand" (Grego I.123; British Museum Satires 6476) (folded).
7: opp. p. 166: Rowlandson, "The Westminster Watchman, To the Independent Electors of Westminster This Print of their Staunch Old Watchman The Guardian of Their Rights and Privileges is dedicated by a gratefull [sic] Elector. / NB Beware of Counterfeits as the Greenwich and Chelsea Watchmen are upon the look out" [April 12, 1784] (Grego I.126; British Museum Satires 6525).
8: opp. p.196: Rowlandson, "The Westminster Mendicant," "Pub-d 11[May], 1784 by H.[annah] Humphrey No. 227 Strand" (Grego I.137; British Museum Satires 6578).
9: opp. p. 208: Rowlandson, The Westminster Deserter Drum'd Out of the Regiment" [May 18, 1784] (Grego I.138; British Museum Satires 6586) (folded).
10: opp. p. 219, Rowlandson, Procession to the Hustings after a Successful Canvas;" "London pub-d April 30 1784 by G. Humphrey, Printseller & Dealer in Natural Curiosities, No.48 Long Acre" (Grego I.134; British Museum Satires 6564) (folded).
11: opp. p. 254: Rowlandson, "Wit's Last Stake, or the Cobling Voters and Abject Canvassers" (Grego I.130, April 22, 1784; British Museum Satires 6548) (folded).
12: opp. p. 288: Rowlandson, "The Apostate Jack R_ the Political Ratcatcher. / NB Rats taken alive!" "Pub-d by W. Humphrey No 227 Strand March 1, 1784" (Grego I.124; British Museum Satires 6431) (folded).
13: opp. p. 292: Rowlandson, "A Peep into Friar Bacon's Study," "Pub-d March 3, 1784 by W. Humphrey No. 227 Strand" (Grego I.119; British Museum Satires 6436) (folded).
14: opp. p. 304: William Wells (?), "Mars & Venus, or Sir Cecil Chastis'd." "Publish'd April 2, 1784 by Willm Wells, No. 132 Fleet Street" (British Museum Satires 6491) (folded).
15: opp. p. 340: Isaac Cruikshank, "Westminster Races, A Political Heat, run in Covent Garden, between Old Veteran a famous Horse the Property of his M.....y, Dutchess a Filly, the Property of the Duke of D.......e, and Judas an Obstinate Ass, who was clearly distanced, Pub. 19 May by WH [William Humphrey] No. 227 Strand / IC" (British Museum Satires 6589) (folded).

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