Funerary Mask of a Woman, Cartonnage, gesso, paint, gold, copper alloy, faience

Funerary Mask of a Woman

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
Reigns of Amenhotep II–Thutmose IV
ca. 1427 B.C.–1390 B.C.
From Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes; Probably from TT A 7
Cartonnage, gesso, paint, gold, copper alloy, faience
H. 38 × W. 40.5 × D. 19 cm (14 15/16 × 15 15/16 × 7 1/2 in.)
Credit Line:
Theodore M. Davis Collection, Bequest of Theodore M. Davis, 1915
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Not on view
The full, elaborate wig with its ornamental fillet, the necklace of ball beads and pendant nefer signs, and the woman's facial features are similar to the sculpture and painting style of middle of Dynasty 18. The owner was probably the wife of an overseer of builders named Amenhotep, whose mask (30.8.69) is displayed in the same gallery.
Theodore M. Davis Collection, purchased in Luxor, 1890. Davis Collection bequeathed to the Museum, 1915; accessioned, 1930.

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