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Kneeling statue of Amenemopetemhat

Late Period, Saite
Dynasty 26
reign of Psamtik I
664–610 B.C.
From Egypt; Said to be from Memphite Region, Memphis (Mit Rahina), Ptah Temple
H. 64.5 × W. 32 × D. 40.5 cm, 101.6 kg (25 3/8 × 12 5/8 × 15 15/16 in., 224 lb.)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1924
Accession Number:
Not on view
Amenemope-em-hat was director of the Singers of the North and Overseer of the Singers of Amenemope. The second title was inherited from his father, whose equally fine statue has recently been discovered at Tanis, where there was a cult of Amenemope, a form of the god Amun. The first title implies wider authority.

Amenemope-em-hat holds before him the cult object of the cow-eared goddess Hathor. The proportions of this figure, its muscularity, and such details as the slanted ridges of the collarbone and the shallow depression down the center of the torso represent a conscious attempt in the Late Period to emulate the classic works of the Old and Middle Kingdoms.
Maurice Nahman, Luxor and Cairo; acquired in Egypt by the Museum in 1924.

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