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Mummy of Nesmin with plant wreath, mummy mask and other cartonnage elements

Ptolemaic Period
200–30 B.C.
From Egypt, Northern Upper Egypt, Akhmim (Khemmis, Panopolis), Egyptian Antiquities Service/Maspero excavations 1885–86
Human remains, linen, mummification material, faience? (amulets), painted and gilded cartonnage, plant remains
L.174 cm (68 1/2 in.); W. 37 cm (14 9/16 in.); H. 27 cm (10 5/8 in.)
Credit Line:
Funds from various donors, 1886
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 133
Inside this mummy is the body of Nesmin, whose name means “The One Who Belongs to (the god) Min.” He was a priest for Min in Akhmim, and from the inscription on his coffin (see 86.1.50a, b) we know that his father Djedhor was a priest as well, and that his mother Tadiaset was a musician for Min. CT scans have shown that Nesmin suffered from arthritis and died as a middle-aged man. They also revealed that thirty-one amulets are still within the wrappings. In addition to a wedjat eye on his forehead, he has an amulet representing the god Thoth on each wrist, and two strings with symmetrically arranged amulets on his torso.

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Excavated at Akhmim by the Egyptian Antiquities Service. Purchased from the Egyptian Government, 1886.

Thompson, Randall C., Adel H. Allam, Guido P. Lombardi, L. Samuel Wann, M. Linda Sutherland, James D. Sutherland, Muhammad Al-Tohamy Soliman, Bruno Frohlich, David Mininberg, Janet M. Monge, Clide M. Vallodolid, Samantha L. Cox, Gomaa Abd el-Maksoud, Ibrahim Badr, Michael I. Miyamoto, Abd el-Halim Nur el-din, Jagat Narula, Caleb E. Finch, and Gregory S. Thomas 2013. "Atherosclerosis across 4000 years of human history: the Horus study of four ancient populations." In The Lancet, March 10, p. 4.

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