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Front cover: border of ferns and ivy, title in red and lilac over white.

Colored woodcuts, printed by Leighton Bros.: Ferns and Butterflies of the Months, printed by Leighton Brothers: Greenhouse Ferns, p. 9; Wall Ferns, p. 17; Seaside Ferns, p. 29; Common Polypody, p. 39; Common Hard Fern, p. 49; Variegated Hothouse Ferns, p. 58

Calendar headings: January: Skating, p. 2; February: Wild Duck Shooting, p. 6; March: Foxhunting, p. 12; April, Angling, p. 16; May: Cricket, p. 22; Racing, p. 26; July: A Moonlight Trip (a skiff on a river), p.32; August: Salmon Fishing, p. 36; September: Partridge Shooting, 42; October: Deer Shooting, p. 46; November: Coursing, p. 52; December: Christmas, S. Palmer sc., p. 56.

General Robert Edmund Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Confederate States of America, p. 3 (first pub., Illustrated London News, June 4, 1864, cover).
Miss Kate Josephine Bateman as Leah, p. 7.
The Late Mr. William Henry Hunt, Water-colour painter, p. 57.

Fine Art and other Illustrations:
John Absolon, "The Beacon," engraved by W. Thomas, p. 12 (woman holding a torch; first pub. Illustrated London News, supplement, June 18, 1864, p. 597, exhibited Institution of Painters in Watercolours).
William Luson Thomas, "The Swing," p. 17 (first published Illustrated London News, June 18, 1864, p. 604, review of work in exhibition of Society of British Artists).
Lawrence Duncan, "The Young Shipwright," p. 23 (a youth showing a model boat to an old man with a pipe) (painting shown at the R.A. in 1863). ILL
John Dawson Watson, "A Train of Thought," p. 27, in block “JDW” (a man in Tudor dress seated on a chest holding a book).
The Shakespeare Commemoration at Stratford-upon-Avon: Scene from "Twelfth Night" as played in the festival pavilion, p. 33. ILL
George Chester, "The Rest," p. 36 (landscape with sheep and a man leaning on a fence). ILL
John Pettie, "The Time and Place," p. 43 (a man with a sword in wooded setting, waiting for a duel opponent; first pub. Illustrated London News, May 7, 1864, p. 440, exhibited the British Institution).
Robert Collinson, "Waiting for Father," p. 47 (girl seated on a rock with a basket, near fishing traps, by the seashore). ILL
Gathering Edible Birdsnests, p. 53, engraved by Mason Jackson (a black man climbing down a ladder on the side of a cliff, water below). ILL

Telescopic Appearance of the Moon, “Willow Leaves”: Detected by Mr. Nasmyth of the Surface and Spots of the Sun; Branching Nebula as Seen from Earl Rosse, tinted lithographs, pp. 62-63.

Front cover: Renaissance style ornamented borders in cream over red ground, rondels centered on putti; gray-blue ground at center.

Colored woodcuts, printed by Leighton Bros. (flowers and leaves in a style reminiscent of William Henry Hunt): Spring, p. 13, Summer, p. 27; Autumn, p. 34; Winter, p. 55.

Calendar headings: wreaths of wild flowers, pp. 2, 6, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 34, 40, 44, 48, 52.

Portrait: John Leech, p. 3.

Fine Art and other illustrations:
George Frederick Folingsby, "John Bunyan in Bedford Goal," p. 7 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Oct. 14, 1864).
Kate Swift, "The Stitch in Time," engraved by W. Thomas, p. 11 (first pub. Illustrated London News, April 29, 1865, p. 412, "The Stitch in Time Saves Nine," in the Exhibition of Female Artists, Pall Mall).
William Henry Hunt, "Blowing Bubbles," p. 17 (boy holding bowl and pipe) (first pub. Illustrated London News, Feb. 17, 1863; after a watercolor of ca. 1835).
William Frederick Yeames, "The Note and the Nosegay," p. 21 (girl seated within an oval) (first pub. Illustrated London News, Nov. 12, 1864, p. 485, Winter Exhibition, Pall Mall; reviewed in The Athenaeum, Oct. 29, 1864, p. 569).
George Housman Thomas, "The Girl and the Butterfly," engraved W. L. Thomas, p. 25 (girl holding out her hat to capture a butterfly; first pub. Illustrated London News, May 27, 1865, cover, General Exhibition of Watercolour Drawings, Dudley Gallery).
The Echo Challenge Shield, Shot for by English and Scottish Rifle Volunteers at the Wimbledon Meeting, 1865, p. 31. ILL
Alexander Johnston, "Ruth," engraved by W. Thomas, p. 32 (girl holding grain in her skirt; first pub. Illustrated London News, Aug. 27, 1864, cover, in Spring exhibition of The British Institution).
Richard Beavis [not H. Beavis], "The Escape," p. 41 (man in armor on horseback chased by others firing rifles; first pub. Illustrated London News, Aug. 13, 1864, exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1864, from Sir Walter Scott, Lay of the Last Minstrel).
Amanda Fougère, "The Reverse of Fortune," p. 45 (widow and her daughter selling jewelry to a seated bearded man; first pub. Illustrated London News, Aug. 13, 1864, in Paris Exhibition of Fine Arts).
Theophile Duverger, "The Cat's Portrait," engraved W. Thomas, p. 49 (boy drawing a cat held by a girl, as another boy watches; first pub. Illustrated London News, June 17, 1865, p. 585, in the Exhibition of French and Flemish Artists).
Charles Baxter, "The Sisters," engraved by W. Thomas, p. 53 (two young women, one holding a fan, the other a flower; first pub. Illustrated London News, June 17, 1865, p. 585, exhibited by the Society of Artists).

Copernicus, a Lunar Crater, as seen with the Great Refractor by Metz, at the Observatory of the Gollegio Romano, tinted lithograph, following p. 56.
Donati's Comet, 1858: September 14, 22, October 1, 2, 5, 7, 12, 15, tinted lithographs, following p. 57.

Front cover: floral borders with corner rondels containing putti in seasonal roles.

Colored illustrations: Bouquets of flowers by W.G. Smith, paired with children allegorized as flowersby Henry Tidey: Lily of the Valley and Ragged Robin, p. 16; Major Convolvulus and Canterbury Bells: Love and War, p. 36; White and Yellow Water Lilies: Exaltation and Detraction, p. 56.

Calendar headings after Matt Morgan: January: Robert Burns Composing in the Field, p. 2; February: Tom Moore Visiting Byron at Venice, p. 6; March: Sir Philip Sydney Reading “The Faerie Queene,” p. 10; April: Shakespeare Arrested for Deer Stalking, p. 14; May: Pope’s Quarrel with Cibber behind the Scenes, p. 22; June: Addison’s Last Interview with Lord Warwick, p. 26; July: Charles Dibdin Singing in the Forecastle of a Man-of-War, p. 30; August: Bunyan Converted by the Good Women of Bedford, p. 34; September: Samuel Johnson, p. 42; Geoffrey Chaucer Listening to Petrarch Reciting “Patient Griselda” at Padua, p. 46; John Milton Dictating “Paradise Lost,” p. 50; December: William Makepeace Thackeray’s Home at Kensington, p. 54.

The late William Harvey, p. 7. ILL
H.R.H. Princess Helena, p. 15. ILL
H.R.H. Princess Mary of Teck, p. 27. ILL
Frederika Bremer, p. 35. ILL

Art and other illustrations:
Alfred Hunt, "Under the Mistletoe," engraved by Mason Jackson, p. 3 (mother holding up and kissing a child, another next to her; first pub. Illustrated London News, Dec. 23, 1865, p. 628, identifies engraver).
John Deffett Francis, "Two Yorkshire Bairns," p. 11 (older girl holding a younger sibling; first published Illustrated London News, Oct. 28, 1865, cover, exhibited in the Wakefield Fine-Art and Industrial Exhibition).
William Luson Thomas, "Le Petit Minet," p. 27 (girl holding a cat, boy tickling its ear). ILL
James Sant, "The Walk from School," p. 31 (girl with slate and work books under one arm; first published Illustrated London News, Jan. 13, 1866, front cover, in the Winter Exhibition, Suffolk-Street).
John Thomas Peele, "Cherry Ripe," engraved W. Thomas, p. 43 (girl holding a basket of cherries; first pub. Illustrated London News, March 24, 1866, p. 281, British Institution exhibition by I. T. Peele) [Algernon Graves, British Institution 1806-1867, Dictionary of Contributors: John Thomas Peele, "Cherry Ripe," BI, 1866, no. 35] (artist wrongly identified here as J. F. Peele)
Guido Bach, "Homeless," p. 47 (gypsy woman holding a tambourine). ILL
Alfred Elmore, "The Guardian," engraved by W. Thomas sc., p. 51 (a man escorting a young woman, 17th century dress; first published Illustrated London News, Nov. 18, 1865, p. 484, in the Winter Exhibition at the French Gallery, Pall-Mall).
George Bouverie Goddard, "Outdoor Relief," p. 55 (a child feeding birds through a window; first pub. Illustrated London News, December 23, 1865, p. 629).

The Moon, tonal lithographs after photographs, p. 59.
Sketches of Mars by the Rev. W. R. Dawes of Hopefield Observatory, Haddenham, Bucks., tinted lithograph, p. 60.

Front cover: Medieval style ornamented book cover with women's heads in corners representing Londn Pryde, Sweet William, Columbyne and Penny Royale..

Colored illustrations: Bouquets of flowers by W. G. Smith; Children in allegorized as flowers by Henry Tidey: Sweet William and Marigold, p. 15; Penny Royale and Columbine, p. 36; London Pride and Golden Rod, p. 56.

Calendar headings:
Reigning monarchs of Europe: Victoria I, Queen of England, p. 2; Napoleon III, Emperor of France, p. 6; Alexander II, Emperor of Russia, p. 10; Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austrian, p. 16; William I, King of Prussia, p. 22; Victor Emmanuel, King of Italy, p. 26; Christian IX, King of Denmark, p. 30; Maria Isabella, Queen of Spain, p. 34; Dom Louis I, King of Portugal, p. 42; Leopold II, King of the Belgians, p. 46; Charles XII, King of Sweden and Norway, p. 50; William III, King of Holland, p. 54.

The Czarewitch Alexander and his consort, Maria Feodorowna, late Princess Dagmar of Denmark, p. 3. ILL
Ismail Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt, p. 23 ILL
Statue of the late Lord Herbert, War Office, Pall Mall, p. 51. ILL (engravers emblem TMJ)

Art and other illustrations:
William Helmsley, "Nothing, I'm afraid, this morning Miss," p. 7 (a postman looking through a handful of letters as a girl stands next to him). ILL
Samuel John Carter [as J. Carter], "Rescue from the Wolf," engraved W. Thomas, p. 11 (dog attacking a wolf, a ram lying on the ground; first pub., Illustrated London News, Aug. 4, 1866, p. 108 as Saved from the Wolf, by J. Carter, W. Thomas sc.).
William Lucas, "The Flower Girl," p. 15 (girl seated on steps, counting coins; first pub. Illustrated London News, June 22, 1867, front page, exhibited at the Institute of Watercolour Painters).
Gustav Pope, "La Prière," p. 27 (young girl kneeling by a chair in prayer; first pub., Illustrated London News, March 2, 1867).
Sophie Anderson, "On the Tiptoe of Expectation," by Mrs. Anderson, p. 31 (little girl holding the edge of a table and standing on tiptoe to look at the feast on top; first pub. Illustrated London News, Nov. 10, 1866, p. 448).
George Housman Thomas, "Boys and Boat," p. 35 (two boys wading to retrieve a toy boat; first pub. Illustrated London News, 1866).
Kate Swift, "The Orphans," p. 43 (a boy comforting his younger sister on a seashore; first published Illustrated London News, April 13, 1867, p. 373, in Exhibition of Works of Female Artists).
John Morgan, "Whom to Punish?" by F. [sic] Morgan], p. 47 (a schoolmaster with two boys, each pointing to the other for smearing the book; first published Illustrated London News, Jan. 5, 1867, cover; as by J. Morgan, in the Winter Exhibition, Suffolk Street, Pall-Mall East).
Richard Beavis (not H. Beavis), "Winter," p. 55 (man leading a horse through snow).ILL
Nebulae: from Lord Rosse’s Drawings and Drawings by Secchi of Rome, tinted lithographs, pp. 59-60.

Front cover: architectural frame with figures of a male harvester, a country woman holding a child, putti celebrating fruits of the earth, and an old woman tending a fire. Title at center against a blue ground.

Colored illustrations:
Wild Flowers by W. G. Smith; Pictures of Country Life by Alfred Hunt: Among the Wild Flowers: p. 16; Amongst the Corn, p. 36; Amongst the Dead Leaves, p. 52.

Calendar headings: British fleet of 1869: January: The Warrior (light armor plated iron frigate), p. 2; February: The Bellerophon (heavy armor-plated iron frigate), p. 6; March: The Galatea (unarmored wooden screw frigate), p. 10; April: The Terrible (paddle wooden steam frigate), p. 14; May: Caledonis (converted iron-clad wooden frigate), p. 22; June: The Wolverine (unarmored wooden corvette), p. 26; July: The Pallas (the armor plated wooden corvette), p. 30; August: The Scorpian (armor-plated iron turret ship), p. 34; September: The Research (armor-plated wooden ship), p. 42; October: The Vigilant (gun boat), p. 46; November: The Serapis (the iron troop ship), p. 50; December: The Revenge (coast-guard ship), p. 52.

Mr. Joseph Whitworth, of Manchester, founder of Whitworth Scholarships of Mechanical Science, p. 23. ILL
The late Sir David Brewster, p. 31. ILL
George I, King of Greece and his Queen, the Grand Duchess Olga, Constantinova, p. 51. ILL

Fine-Art illustrations:
Egron Sellif Lundgren, "Young St. George," p. 3 (face of a boy with long hair). ILL
Charles Cattermole, "A Trumpeter," p. 7. ILL
Edward Killingworth Johnson, "Telling the Bees," p. 11 (Exhibited in 1867 at the Society of Painters in Watercolours). ILL
Lionel Percy Smythe, "A Shrimper," engraved W. Thomas, p. 15 (a girl standing in the water holding a large net; first pub. Illustrated London News, Jan. 18, 1867, front page).
E. Castan, "The Rival Pets," p. 27 (two girls seated with dogs on their laps, watched by a standing girl holding knitting needles; first pub. Illustrated London News, May 9, 1868, front page, in the Exhibition at the French Gallery).
Jean Baptiste Farochon, La Mère, group in marble, p. 31. ILL
John William [not T. W.] Bottomley, "Forbidden Fruit," p. 43 (sheep eating grain). ILL
Frederic James Shields, "May I go with you?" p. 47 (girl clinging onto her mother's arm; first pub. Illustrated London News, Feb. 29, 1868, p. 201, Winter Exhibition of the Society of Painters in Watercolors).
William Kumpel, "Once a Year," p. 55 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Christmas Supplement, 1867, front cover; woman carrying a large Christmas pudding).
The Remarkable Solar Spot of Oct. and Nov., 1865, tinted lithograph, pp. 59-60.

Front cover: St. Paul's at center, within a floral border with corner rondels representing stages of a woman's life.
Colored illustrations:
British birds: Wagtails, p. 18; Wrens, p. 28; Starlings, p. 58.
Scenes of Country Life by Alfred Hunt: Children bringing food to their parents who are cutting hay, p. 19, Father, mother and two children harvesting hops, with a baby sleeping, p. 39; A boy breaking ice with a pole as his mother holds a jug to draw water, a small girl watching, p. 59.
Calendar headings: British army of 1870: January: The Staff, p. 2; February: Life Guards, p. 6; March: Foot Guards, p. 10; April: Hussars, p. 14; May: Dragoons (Scots Greys), p. 22; June: Horse Artillery, p. 26; July: Lancers, p. 30; August: Military Train, p. 34; September: Foot Artillery and Marine Artillery, p. 42; October: Field Telegraph (Royal Engineers), p. 46; November: Highlanders, p. 50; December: Regiments of the Line, p. 54.

The Right Hon. William E. Gladsone, p. 3. ILL
The Earl of Derby, statue by W. Theed, p. 4. ILL
The Right Rev. Dr. Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury, p. 31. ILL

Fine Art and other illustrations:
André Henri Dargelas (as H. Dargelas), "The Successful Competitor," p. 7 (prize giving: young girl awarded a book by an older girl who places a circlet of flowers on her head)
George French Angas, Forest Scene, Illawara Mountains, New South Wales, p. 11. ILL
The Bazaar at Suez, p. 15 (emblem of IM or JM). ILL
Heinrich Schlesinger, "The Blonde," p. 23 (woman in 18th century dress holding a flower). ILL
Peter MacNab, "No Thoroughfare," p. 27 (mother and children at a country gate next to a no trespassing sign). ILL
William Luson Thomas, "Bon Jour, Monsieur!" p. 35 (woman with a basket over her arm and carrying a parasol). ILL
Henry John Johnson, The Coast near Porto D'Anzio, p. 43.
Paul Falconer Poole, R.A. [as F. Poole], “Rest by the Wayside,” p. 47 (barefoot young woman and girl in hilly landscape; first pub. Illustrated London News, Sept. 19, 1868, p. 272, National Exhibition of Works of Art in Leeds, and R.A. 1867, no. 203).
Hendricus Jacobus Burgers [as J. H. Burgers], "The Fisherman's Widow," p. 51 (children pull a fishing basket and follow their mother dressed in black, carrying a small child and leading another, next to the sea; first pub. Illustrated London News, Dec. 5, 1868, p. 536, in the exhibition at the French Gallery, 120 Pall Mall).
Valentine Walter Bromley, "Against Orders," p. 55 (soldier draws a sword to prevent a woman carrying food on a platter from entering a door). ILL

A Newtonian Reflector, tinted lithograph, p. 59.
Nebulae, tinted lithograph, p. 60.

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