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Front cover: color woodcut (at center Gothic tracery adorned with jewels and pearls, with the title against a blue ground; a border of roses, thistles, heather, shamrocks and acorns in the style of an illuminated manuscript, with the British Royal Coat-of-Arms below).

Colored illustrations, lithography and woodcut, printed by Leighton Bros.:
England (roses) paired with "Crow Scaring," William Bromley pinx., pp. 17-18; Scotland (thistles, heather, etc.) paired with "Highland Lassie," Alfred Hunt, pinx., pp. 37-38; Ireland (various flowers) paired with "Turf Carrier," John Proctor pinx., pp. 57-58.

Calendar images of Sporting Dogs, after Samuel Carter: January: Fox-hound, p. 2; February: Irish Water Spaniel, p. 6; March: Fox-Terrier, p. 10; April: Bloodhound, p. 14; May: Beagles, p. 22; June: Greyhounds, p. 26; July: Clumber Spaniel, p. 30; August: Setter, p. 34; September: Pointer, p. 42; October: Retriever, p. 46; November: Highland Deerhound, p. 50; December: Otterhound, p. 54.

Portraits of European Royalty and Leaders: Frederick William V, King of Prussia, p. 3; Napoleon III, p. 7; The Crown Prince, Frederick William of Prussia, p. 11; Marshal McMahon, p. 15; Baron von Moltke, Chief of the Prussian Staff, p. 23; Marshal Bazaine, Commander-in-chief of the French army at Metz, p. 27; General Trochu, Governor of Paris, p. 31; General Steinmetz, Commander of the First Prussian Army, p. 35; Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, p. 43; General Montauban, Count of Palikao, p. 47; The Prince Royal of Saxony, Commander of the Fourth German Army, p. 51; General Vogel von Falkenstein, by [C.?]H.L., p. 55; all ILN

John Browning del., Saturn and Jupiter, Jan. 31, 1870, 9:30 pm., tinted lithographs, pp. 58-59.

Front cover, color lithograph and woodcut (imitating a Renaissance style illuminated manuscript with foliate borders, a robin in rondel at lower left and a kingfisher within the title)

Colored illustrations, printed by Leighton Bros.: Infancy (chicks with flowers), p. 18; Old Age (old bird in snow), p. 19; Calm (pigeons), p. 38; Storm (parrot), p. 39; Society (waterfowl), p. 58; Solitude (bird of prey), p. 59, after Joseph Wolf.

Calendar headings: Coasting Craft of all Nations: January: Dahabieh, Nile Boat for Travelers, p. 2; February: Douber Sailing Canoe, Feejee Islands, South Pacific, p. 6; March: French Lugger, p. 10; April: Lorcha and June, China Seas, p. 14; May: Bagozzoes, Venice, after Edwin Weedon, p. 22; June: Flying Proa of the Ladrones, North Pacific, after Edwin Weedon, p. 26; July: Maltese Felucca, p. 30; August: Sondmore Fishing Boat, West Coast of Norway, after Edwin Weedon, p. 34; September: Spanish Xebec, after Edwin Weedon, p. 42; November: Dutch Schuyt and Pynk, after Edwin Weedon, p. 46; December: Sampan, Singapore, after Edwin Weedon, p. 50; Dhow, Arabian Sea, after Edwin Weedon, p. 54.

Charles Dickens, p. 7. ILN
Sir John Herschel, p. 11, after an intermediary drawing by Thomas Dewell Scott (British, 1828–1911). ILN
Sir Walter Scott (a bust), p. 35. ILN

Art and other Illustrations:
Alfred Hunt, "A Happy New Year to You!" p. 3 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Double Christmas Number, 1870, front cover; woman with muff and hat, and girl, both holding their arms out, holly in their hats, in snowy landscape).
"Spring Flowers," p. 15 (country girl holding primroses) (no artist). ILN
Louisa Starr Canziani, "Undine," p. 23 (first pub. Illustrated London News, July 23, 1870; a man carrying a girl across water).
Burning of the Tuileries, p. 27. ILN
Wilhelm Souchon, "The Italian Mother," engraved by Robert Loudon, p. 31 first pub. Illustrated London News, July 8, 1871; a dark skinned woman in costume holding an infant).
Sailing Barge Race on the Thames, p. 43. ILN
Gustave Jacquet, "Narcissa," engraved by William Hollidge, p. 47 (first pub. Illustrated London News, July 2, 1870; a woman in Tudor costume, holding a flower, before a tapestry).
Lake Scene, Early Morning, p. 51 (deer against woods and mist) (no artist). ILN
William Henry Hunt, "The Doubtful Coin," p. 55 (boy fruit seller examining a coin with a lantern; watercolor V&A). ILN

Front cover: color lithography and woodcut (frames of bound branches, mushrooms in borders)

Colored illustrations: Agaricus Muscaricus, p. 16 (mushrooms); Planting Potatoes, p. 17; Coprinus Atramentarius (and four other varieties of mushrooms), p. 37; Picking Peas, p. 38 (woman and girl); Agaricus Epiphyllus (and three other varieties), p. 57; Gathering Mushrooms, p. 58.

Calendar headings: Wild animals of Great Britain by G. B. Goddard, John Greenaway sc.; January: Wild Rabbit, p. 2; February: Wild Cat, p. 6; March: Fox, p. 10; April: Pine-Marten; May: Polecat, p. 22; June: Stoat, p. 26; July: Hare, p. 30; August: Red Deer, p. 34; September: Squirrel, p. 42; October: Roebuck, p. 46; November: Otter, p. 50; December: Badger, p. 54.

Portraits: Sir Francis Grant, President of the Royal Academy, p. 3. ILN
Mademoiselle Albani, p. 23 ILN
Robert Moffat, the Missionary of South Africa, p. 35 ILN
Count Sclopis, President of the Geneva Court of Arbitration, R. & E. Taylor, p. 55. ILN

Fine Art and other Illustrations:
W. B. Duncan, "Our Poll!" p. 7 (girl with parrot). ILN
Jean Pierre Antigna, "The Mouse-Trap," p. 11 (children, trap and mouse). ILN
Edmund Morison Wimperis, “A Windy Day,” ILN
Carl Johann Lasch, "Making Love," p. 27 (girl carding wool next to a young man, calendar on wall dated 1867). ILN
William Bougereau, "Une Fille des Champs," from a photograph Goupil & Co., p. 31 (girl leaning on the end of wooden tool). ILN
Rock Inscribed with the Edicts of an Emperor, Western India, p. 43. ILN
William Salter Herrick, "Viola," p. 47, engraved by William Biscombe. Gardiner (girl with short hair in Elizabethan costume holding her hat).
Percy MacQuoid, "Unpleasant Expectation," p. 51 (spaniel looking at self in mirror).

Front Cover: color lithography and woodcut (naturalistic border of flowers and fruits)

Colored illustrations: James Sant, R.A., Little Red Riding Hood, p. 9; Near Abbey Mills, Chertsey, on the Thames, p. 17 (no artist); James Collinson, Too Hot, p. 29; Penton Hook Lock, on the Thames, p. 35 (no artist); Edmund Havell, Jr., Little Loves (woman in window kissing small parrot), p. 49; Water Lilies, on the Thames, p. 57 (no artist).

Calendar Headings: Marriage Customs: January: Modern Egypt, Procession of the Bride, p. 2; February: Sevia: the Wedding Party Returning from Church, p. 6; March: Hindostan: Procession of the Bridegroon, p. 10; April: China: Bowing to the Ancestral Pictures, p. 14; May: Persia: Conducting the Bride Home, p. 22; June: Japan: Drinking the Wedding Saki, p. 26; July: Steppes of the Caspian Sea: Scramble for a Calmuck Bride's Handkerchief, p. 30; August: Java: The Hymeneal Torch, by "J.", p. 34; September: Borneo: Dyak Marriage Ceremony, p. 42; October: New Zealand: Mode of Deciding Between Rival Suitors, p. 46; November: America (South): Indian Mode of Courtship, p. 50; December: Africa (South): Kaffir Suitor Exhibiting himself for Approval, p. 54. (several signed “J” lower left)

The Shah of Persia, p. 3 ILN
Thomas Beach, William Woodfall, in the National Gallery (man writing with a quill pen), p. 11. ILN
Mrs. Somerville, p. 15 ILN
Dr. Samuel Wilberforce, late Bishop of Winchester, p. 35. ILN

Art and other illustrations:
Leon-Bazile Perrault, "Le Dejeuner," by Perrault, after a photograph by Goupil & Co., p. 7 (a mother feeding a child on her lap). ILN
East African Slave Trade, the Destruction of a Dhow, p. 23. ILN
Arthur Coryndon Hansler Luxmoore [as Luxmoor], "Sympathy," p. 27 (a woman in 18th century dress holding a dead bird; first pub. Illustrated London News, March 8, 1873, cover; exh. The Dudley Gallery, 1873 as "Sympathy: The Passing Tribute of a Sigh").
Pierre-Auguste Cot, "Meditation," after a photograph by Goupil & Co., p. 31 (woman in medieval or Renaissance dress, her head on her hands looking up from a book). ILN
Hendricus Jacobus Burgers, "Le Beau Page," p. 43 (small dog on hind legs, holding the train of a lady in his mouth). ILN
Dreadnought Hospital Ship leaving her moorings, p. 47. ILN
"Partial Critics," p. 51 (two women looking at a painting on an easel). ILN
Horatio Henry Couldery, "Great Expectations," p. 55 (three dogs looking at leftovers on a table) ILN

Cover image: border of birds perched amongst spring flowers, title on white rondel at center.
Colored prints: El Guerrillero, the Spanish Partisan Soldier ( War of 1833-39), p. 14; E; Torrero, the Spanish Bull-fighter, p. 17; A Portuguese Fisherman, p. 26; Return of the Swallows, p. 33 (family outside their house watching swallows); A Landing-Party, p. 41 (swans approaching a couple seated on a bank); Feeding the Birds, p. 49 (girl and boy open a window to feed birds in the snow).
Calendar headings: British Song Birds by T. W. Wood: January: Thush, p. 2; February: Chaffinch, p. 6; March: Skylark, p. 10; April: Nightingale, p. 14; May: Blackcap, p. 18; June: Blackbird, p. 22; July: Goldfinch, p. 26; August: Yellowhammer, p. 30; September: Reed Sparrow, p. 34; October: Bullfinch, p. 38; November: Wren, p. 42, December: Robin, p. 46.

Portraits: The Late Sir Henry Holland, p. 7 ILN
The Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, p. 11. ILN

Art and other illustrations:
Jean-Francois Portaels, "Les Roses," p. 3 (woman wearing ethnic dress, holding a large bunch of flowers). ILN
Ruins of Old Inverlochy Castle, p. 15. ILN
Adriano Bonifazi, "Nina," p. 19 (first pub. London Illustrated News, April 18, 1874, front cover; a girl’s head in profile, she wears a white collar, a bead necklace and earring).
Arthur Coryndon Hansler Luxmoore [as Luxmore], "Homeward Serenely she Walked, with God's Benediction upon Her," p. 23 (first pub. Illustrated London News, April 4, 1874, front cover, exhibited at The Dudley Gallery; woman wearing 17th century costume, holding a Bible).
Sketches in Spain: A Street in Barcelona, p. 27. ILN
Henry Benjamin Roberts, "The Dawn of Love," p. 31 (first pub. Illustrated London News, July 4, 1874, p. 8; a country woman holding a rose standing next to a man seated on a wall).
The Bay and Town of Funchal, Madeira, p. 35. ILN
William Salter Herrick, "Ophelia: Sweet Bells Jangling out of Time," p. 39 (first pub. Illustrated London News, July 4, 1874, front page; Ophelia, crowned with flowers, by a stream).
Destruction of an East African Dhow, p. 43 ILN
King of Ashantee's Palace at Coomassie, p. 47. ILN

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