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Front cover: Frame with berries, containing an oval portrait ringed with pearls (a British Princess?), color woodcut (Thomas Sulman del.)
Color illustrations, printed by Leighton Bros.: A Spring Garland, p. 9; Palm and Red Dead Nettles, p. 16; Little Haymakers, p. 24; Strawberries, p. 31; A Bit for Topsy (children feeding dog). p. 40; Blackberries and Acorns, p. 47 (no artists).

Calendar headings: Old Modes of Locomotion, by John Jackson, W.H. sc.: January: Ancient Britons in their Coracles, , p. 2; February: Coach, Time of Queen Elizabeth, p. 6; March: Riding on a Pillion, p. 10; April: Sedan Chair, 1636, p. 14; May: Sedan Chair, 11755, p. 18; June: The Old Stage Coach, p. 23; July: The Pack-horse Train, p. 26; August: The Old London Waterman, p. 30; September: Gentleman's Carriage, 18th century, p. 34; October: The Passenger Hoy, p. 38; November: Bell's Steamer, "The Comet," p. 42; December: Stephenson’s Locomotive “The Rocket,” 1829, p. 46.

Syed Barghash Bin Said, Sultan of Zanzibar, p. 7. ILL
Signor Salvini, p. 23. ILL
John Henry Foley, General T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson, a statue, p. 35 (first published Illustrated London News, 1875 as "The Bronze Statue of General Stonewall Jackson by John Foley RA - Cast by Messrs Manfrield of Chelsea and To Be Shipped to Virginia"). ILL
Sir Thomas Brock, Statue of Richard Baxter, the Puritan Divine, at Kidderminster, unveiled July 28, 1875). ILL

Art and other illustrations:
Alfred Hunt, "Little Willie's New-Year's Greeting" (first pub. as "Little Willie's Christmas Greeting," p. 3 Illustrated London News, Dec. 26, 1874, cover) (baby held up by girl to kiss his mother).
Louis Starr Canzioni [as Miss L. Starr], "Hardly Earned," p. 11 (tired woman sleeping in a chair by a fireplace). ILL
John Adrien Raemackers, The Orphans (sculpture), p. 15 (seated woman with two children). ILL
William Wise, "Maidenhood," p. 19 (first published Illustrated London News, December 19, 1874, front cover, from the Exhibition at the Dudley Gallery; young woman in hat and ruffled collar, looking right).
Joseph Carraud, "The Promenade" (first published Illustrated London News, August 15, 1874, cover, from the Paris Exhibition; woman in 18th century costume, and a parasol, descending a flight of steps).
William Baxter Collier Fyfe, "A Good Catholic" (first published Fine Art Supplement to the Illustrated London News, May 29, 1875, as by S. B. C. Fyfe; girl in old fashioned costume, leaning against a wall holding a rosary).
Carlton Alfred Smith, "A Solo," p. 39 (boy leaning against a table and looking at a printed sheet titled Comic Songs). ILL
Alfred Hunt, "A Happy Christmas to Papa and Mama!" p. 47 (first pub., Illustrated London News, December 16, 1874, front cover; three children entering through a doorway carrying mistletoe).

Front cover: Children sailing a ship (Greek style), color woodcut (by Harry Arnold).

Color Illustrations, after Harry Arnold, woodcuts printed by Leighton Bros: On the Water–Morning, p. 6 (ducks and dragonfly amongst reeds); Spring (Greek style children), p. 14; Summer (Greek style children), p. 22; Autumn (Greek style children), p. 30; Winter (Greek style children), p. 38; Over the Water–Evening, p. 46 (insects and bird amongst reeds and flowers).

Chapter headings: Our Ironclad Navy: January: H.M.S. Warrior, p. 2; February: The Screw Corvette Pallas, p. 6; March: H.M.S. Alexandra, p. 10; April: H.M.S. Agincourt, p. 14; May: H.M.S. Glatton, p. 18; June: H.M.S. Hercules, p. 22; July: H.M.S. Monarch, p. 26; August: H.M.S. Defence, p. 30; September: H.M.S. Bellerophon, p. 34; October: H.M.S. Devastation, p. 38; November: H.M.S. Minotaur, p. 42; December: H.M.S. Invincible, p. 46.

William Biscombe Gardner, The Right Hon. the Earl of Beaconsfield (Benjamin Disraeli), p. 3 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Feb. 14, 1874, p. 149, as by W. B. Gardner).
The Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, p. 19. . ILL
Mademoiselle Titiens, p. 35. . ILL

Art and other illustrations:
J. Daloli, La Berceuse (sculpture), p. 7 (mother seated and holding a baby).
The Yarmouth Aquarium and Winter Garden, p.11. ILL
Jeanne Bôle, "Going to School," after a photograph by Goupil and Co., p. 15 (girl in old fashioned costume, a basket on her arm). ILL
Belgrade, from Semlin, p. 23. ILL
Adolphe Piot [as M. Piot], "The Spoiled Child," after a photograph, Berlin Photographic Co., p. 27 (illegible engraver’s name lower right) (child seated, holding a large apple with arm crossed across front). ILL
Fort Elizabeth on the Danube, Frontier of Servia [sic], p. 31. ILL
Heinrich Schlesinger, "The Village Belle," p. 39. ILL
William Bouguereau, "Eve," after a photograph by Goupil & Co., Paris (first pub. Illustrated London News, October 3, 1874, front cover; girl holding an apple).
Carl Haag, "An Askenazim," p. 47. ILL

Front cover: ornamental border with figures representing the Seasons (woman lower left with furits and grains as Autumn, two putti in rondels above as Spring and Summer, an old man in a rondel with snow and holly as Winter); a vignette view of St. Pauls lower right, color woodcut.

Color woodcuts, printed by Leighton Bros.: Henry Robert Robertson, The Spring Garlands (girl seated indoors weaving flowers),p.7; John Morgan, The Little Woman (girl peeling potatoes), p. 14; (John) Frederick Tayler, Shepherd's Dogs, p. 23; The Rush-Gatherers (three figures in a rowboat, no artist), p. 32; Henry Robert Robertson, Apple Gathering (boy up tree handing fruit to a girl), p. 39; Alfred Hunt, A Cold Christmas Eve (child on donkey, woman walking through snow), p. 47.

Calendar headings: January: Snowballing, p. 2; February: A Storm, p. 8; March: Young Lambs, p. 10; April: Primrose Gathering, p. 14; May: Birds'-Nesting, p. 18; June: Atop the Haycock, p. 22; July: Cherry Ripe, p. 26; August: Boating, p. 30; September: A Bite, p. 34; October: Nutting, p. 38; November: Gathering Winter Fuel, p. 42; December: Home Comforts: a Warm Fireside, p. 46.

Art and other illustrations:
"He Won't Hurt You" (girl holding back a large hound on a garden path, no artist), p. 3. ILL
The Bosphorus Lighthouse, Entrance to the Black Sea, p. 7. ILL
The Bombardment of Rustchuk, p. 11. ILL
David Wilkie Wynfield, "The Morning Walk," p. 15 (woman leaning over to support a little girl). ILL
Hirova, on the Danube, p. 19. ILL
Russians attacking the batteries between Gabrova and the Shipka Pass, p. 23. ILL
Hugh Carter, "Coming Through the Rye,"p. 27 (girl carrying a water pot). ILL
The Bosphorus Fortress Mahjar–Asiatic Side, p. 31. ILL
Turkish Irregular Cavalry Following up the Russians after the Retreat from Sevin, p. 35. ILL
Sir Frank Dicksee, "Waiting an Answer," p. 39 (a boy in 17th century costume leaning on the ledge of an open window). ILL
Tirnova, the Ancient Bulgarian Capital, p. 43. ILL

Front Cover: Altar-like frame with vignettes representing the seasons, each representing a girl and a boy (figures by Kate Greenaway).

Color woodcuts, by Kate Greenaway, printed by Leighton Bros.: January: Skating and February: Valentine's Day. p. 6; March: High Winds, and April: Showers,.p. 14; May: Flowers; June: A Picnic, p. 22; July: A Regatta; August: Harvest, p. 30; September: Partridge Shooting; October: Last Day on the River, p. 38; November: Fox Hunting; December: Christmas Visiting, p. 43.

Calendar headings: landscapes, pp. 2, 5, 10, 14, 18, 21, 25, 30, 38, 42, 45 [signed lower right: EW?]

Art and other Illustrations
"A Happy New Year to You" (first published Illustrated London News, Christmas Number, 1877, front cover (as tinted lithograph); girl leaning on ledge, holding up a sprig of mistletoe, a muff over her left hand), p. 3. ILL
Emily Mary Osborn [as Miss Osborne] "Lost," p. 7 (first pub. supplement to Illustrated London News, Oct. 20, 1877; engraver's emblem lower right; small girl comforted by two nuns).
Kate Greenaway, Darby and Joan, p. 11. ILL
"Never Mind, It's Only a Shower," p. 15 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Dec. 22, 1877, p. 589, as "Never Mind, Christmas is Coming," in block: "W. & J. R. Cheshire sculp / A. K. C."; two girls beneath a large umbrella walking home, one carrying a slate).
Larnaca, the Modern Port of Oyprus, from a drawing by H. Harper, p. 19. ILL
J. Parker, "The Orphan," p. 23 (a country girl holding a chick). ILL
Ante-Room Radziwill Palace, Berlin: Earl Beaconsfield, Prince Gortschakoff, Mohamet Ali, p. 27. ILL
North Coast View, From St. Hilarion, of the Mountain Chain of Kyrenia, Cyprus, p. 31.
Dust Storm, Central Asia, p. 35. ILL
John Henry Leatherbrow, "A Mythological Incident," p. 39 (girl looking at a painting of Endymion and Selene, first pub. Illustrated London News, Nov. 3, 1877, p. 420, as "The Story of Endymion, What is it?").
Famagosta, the Ancient Port of Cyprus, p. 43. ILL
Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Painted by Himself, p. 47 (first pub. Illustrated London News, Aug 23, 1877, p. 177, W. Biscombe Gardner del et sc.)

Front Cover: Old woman in mob-cap seen through an open window, winding a clock; a child at left in classical tunic extinguishing an oil lamp, seasonal references around the border (George Cruikshank, lower right).

Color woodcuts, printed by Leighton Bros.: Richard S. Moseley, Baffled Kittens (kittens watching a hedgehog drink from their saucer), signed in the block, p. 6; Morning, p. 14; Evening, p. 22; Waiting for the Sport, p. 30; English Sports, First Day with the Cubs, p. 38; French Sport, Bringing Home the Wolf, p. 46 (no artists identified after the first).

Calendar headings: Gothic outlines centered on central portrait ovals, pp. 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46.

Sir Frederick Leighton, p. 7. ILL
Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Browne, p. 15. ILL

Art and other Illustrations:
"The First Lesson," p. 3 (two women teaching a third to skate; no artist).
"In Music's Ecstasy," p. 11 (a song bird near a nest in a landscape; no artist).
Henry Robert Robertson, "Ave Maria," p. 19 (fisherman and fisherwoman who have tied their boat to a small shrine to pray), ILL.
Sidney Holland, "Reading Rabelais," p. 23 (first pub. Illustrated London News, July 27, 1878, p. 84 in the Royal Academy Exhibition; old man in 17th century dress seated in an armchair looking at a book).
Charles Trevor Garland, "Strangers and Pilgrims," (two dogs looking attentive). ILL
"The Morning Bath," p. 31 (birds). ILL
The Avon, Clifton-Downs, p. 35. ILL
Charles Trevor Garland [as T. C. Garland], "Patience on a Monument," p. 39 (small boy in elaborate 17th century costume standing on a dock fishing). ILL
Durban, Port Natal, South Aftrica, p. 43. ILL
Edward Killingworth Johnson, "Going to Bed," p. 47 (first published in Extra Supplement to the Illustrated London News, Oct. 5, 1878; mother carrying a sleeping child through a door to bed).

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